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Hello again,

I want to thank आप all for answering my सवाल Friday regarding

Michael Jackson faking his death.

Your जवाब were very helpful and also made me chuckle!

My 16 yr old daughter is starting to come to her senses regarding this .

But there are still some things that she is believing in...

if आप could answer a couple और सवालों for me,

I believe that we will be able to put this Michael Jackson thing behind us

and our family can get back to normal.

For one she thinks that because on some documents

he is listed as Michael Jackson ,

some as Michael Joe Jackson and some as Michael Joseph...
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On Monday, February 8th, TMZ published the fully redacted coroner’s रिपोर्ट on the autopsy pertaining to MJ (the autopsy “for” MJ, that’s what he said). Here’s a link to the PDF file : link

Inconsistencies in the autopsy report

- Page 1 states the body’s face is unshaven. Page 8 states that “a mustache and beard are absent.”

- The body was in a hospital gown. Why would they stop resuscitative efforts to change his clothes into a hospital गाउन ? Everyone very much doubts he wasn’t wearing any bottoms या undies, अंडे when he was put under. And he would obviously not be wearing a hospital...
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Michael Jackson kept an astonishing “death-hoax diary” explaining how he would fake his death of a दिल attack and telling when he would come out of hiding, a family friend who claims to have found the journal “among Michael’s personal effects” tells derekclontz.com exclusively.
ALIVE - या NOT? आप be the judge.

ALIVE - या NOT? आप be the judge.

“There’s too much pressure, pressure, pressure … pressure everywhere I turn …” a diary entry dated Nov. 17, 2008 is alleged to say in part.

“I don’t know who I am, not anmore (sp). Maybe I’m just a father to my children. Maybe...
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    The 911 call didn’t sound overly panicked and Michael Jackson was not mentioned द्वारा name. (It’s possible he didn’t mention the name because 911 might think it was a hoax and not respond.)
    Some have stated the oldest son discovered the father, but later the Dr. claimed that the reason it took so long to call 911 is that he couldn’t find anyone to make the call. (wouldn’t the son be able to make the call, he is 12 after all.) It took 30 मिनटों to call 911. Hasn’t Dr. Murray ever heard of a cell phone? (this point gets addressed farther...
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