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It was a rainy दिन as Bone walked up the allyway."Scourge would want to hear this",he thought."StormClan in our territory!"
When he found Scourge and told him,Scouge hissed."StormClan in OUR territory?" "And,how many were there?"
"Yes,Scourge,just one."
"You saw it?"

In StormClan, Wavestorm saw a brown shape sprinting in the muddy grassland.As it got closer,she could see और clearly."Skyhawk!",she purred."Where have आप been?!"She watched puzzled as her mate gasped for breath."W-what happend"She asked. While she circled around him and saw bite marks...
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I am Honeystar, leader of MistyClan. Anyone who wants to become a member of MistyClan is welcome. आप may come and go as आप please, and i don't exile people because they leave for one day. आप will have to leave for many months for me to think आप ababdoned our Clan. The बिल्ली I would प्यार to have most of all have the usernames 123cosmo4 and 18wanda. Their warrior names will probably change when they come, so i will not say them. But anyway, Welcome to MistyClan, and happy hunting.