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posted by Michelle-Chang
Well, I'm going to start with my family and then my friends. Alright, here I go.

Dad... I know आप प्यार me a lot.. And we don't usually have a lot in common, but just know that I'll प्यार आप 'til the very end, okay? Bye. (:

Mom... आप are the best mom I ever have! I know you're usually overprotective of Jer sometimes. ILY!

Stan... I know आप and I don't talk very much about ANYTHING, but आप always give me the best advice. Stay cool, Stanley. xDDD

Jeremy.. Oh god, I have so much to say about you! आप are the best twin bro I ever have! Just know that आप can tell me anything, okay? प्यार you, Jer....
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posted by Michelle_Chang
 I'll miss आप dearly, Stan..
I'll miss you dearly, Stan..
आप mean so much to me, Stan Marsh. Please, don't leave us.. I know it's hard for me and I know it's hard for आप too. I will not forget आप at all, my best friend. I'll stand up for आप forever even if it means getting my life endangered.
Remember those times that आप were always with me and Gina? I do and for that matter, I won't forget it and also that आप saved my life twice in the same week.
Thanks for everything we had, Stan. I really don't want आप to leave and neither does Gina. ):
Your bestest friend in the whole universe,
P.S. I got आप a DP and a picture so that आप can remember me after your departure.
posted by ashley_a
Dear Wifey, Happy Birthday Hope आप will have a good one Happy Birthday Michelle Your a awesome bestie ever <3 I got आप Linkin park ticket and a Frakenweenie stuff toy Hope आप Like it. Michelle Your an a Amazing friend that anyone could ask for and I'm so lucky to आप and if आप need anything I'm here for आप Always and My best friend: .I would never have dream we could be such good friends.And I hope we stay this way to the end.Never will I ever let आप push me aside.We been through a lot over the years.Some were good some were bad.But I would not trade nothing for the times we've had.I wish I could take away all your hurt and pain आप hold inside.To dry your eyes from the tears आप cried.I would give anything to see आप smile again.I wish the best for आप my friend.I believe in the person that आप have become.And I have a lot of faith in you.I know आप can do anything आप put your mind to.Happy Birthday Michelle
posted by Michelle-C
Broken एंजल (Frankenweenie Version)

Welcome everyone. What आप are about to read is very similar to the film, “Frankenweenie”, but I made Michelle the main protagonist instead of Victor. And Scarlet is Michelle’s dog. So, enjoy the story. ^^;

It was October 14th, 1998 as Michelle was walking with her dog, Scarlet. Victor, Michelle’s अगला door neighbor, noticed Michelle walking with Scarlet and he waved to her. She smiled and waved back as Scarlet tried to chase another dog that was running across the street. Michelle turned around and tried to go after Scarlet and Scarlet saw a Ford...
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posted by Michelle_Chang
Craig: (Walks घर with Michelle, Token, and Clyde and I glance over at Clyde..)
Clyde: (Glances back at Craig)
Token: (I glance at Michelle)
Me: (Glances back at Token)
(Then we all quickly run out of our glances at one another)
Me: (Thinks: "Oh my god.. I hope Stan या Kenny does not find out about this..")
Clyde: आप alright, Michelle?
Me: Yeah.. I'm just bewildered.
Token: What about?
Me: Well, Cartman's gone, my popularity is increasing a lot, and I'm gaining new फ्रेंड्स and for that matter, I just hope Stan and Kenny won't find out what happened today.
Craig: (Pats Michelle on the back) Don't worry,...
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posted by Michelle_Chang
 I wore glasses from 2011 to 2012
I wore glasses from 2011 to 2012
Name: Michelle Rebecca Chang
Age: 13
Religion: Roman Catholic
Hair color: Black with grey streaks
Eye color: Dark brown. (red when super pissed off)
Personality: I'm sometimes really confident and laid-back. I'm also very kind and innocent, but I can get pissed off very easily at times. Also, it is revealed that I have been easily mistakened for my half-sister, Lea, who is currently deceased. Due to Lea being dead, people never do this again.
Also, on some occasions, I have several mood swings when I find out that someone is severely ill या injured. Also, it is shown I may suffer from a major depressive...
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