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posted by Yarrgh
continuing on from my other short लेख i wrote about Michelle.this is और about her career & such, etc etc.

some of the स्रोत of information below was taken from Wikipedia(just thought आप should all know),but i did write a paragraph या two.


well,when Michelle first made an appearance on television, (at the age of three), for a "Wisk" detergent commercial. She then on, went to feature in one hundred other commercials. The first credited role that she appeared in was "Nona F. Mecklenberg" in "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" from 1994 until 1996. Around that same time, she played "Lily...
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posted by Yarrgh
 (picture taken 2008)
(picture taken 2008)
a little bit about her earlier life:
Michelle was born in New York City, the youngest daughter(she had a older sister). Her father was from Germany & her mother was born in Russia, Michelle can speak fluent Russian, her grandparents live in Israel,also her family is Jewish, & celebrate both क्रिस्मस & Hanukkah Day. Michelle & her older sister Irene were both raised in Brooklyn, & Michelle attended P.S. 99 Elementary School and The खाड़ी, बे Academy for the Arts And Sciences Junior High School, she then later went on to Notre Dame High School with Katharine McPhee, Rachel Bilson, and Kirsten Dunst.

i'll write a little more,but in another लेख on another subject relating to this topic.thankq {:
posted by mollyx365
"I can't resist buying shoes, bags, and lip gloss. I can never leave a shopping experience without one of those."

"And I am really comfortable in this world. I प्यार acting. I प्यार the entertainment business... I wouldn't trade it for anything."

"I प्यार acting. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life."

"You know what? I प्यार the episodes where आप get all these like crazy people trying out. Cause आप got to give it to them man, they've got some confidence, they really think they're good and हे that's great."

"The only tantrum I have ever thrown was when I watched an annoying girl doing...
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