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This माइकल जैक्सन चित्र contains बिजनेस सूट, अच्छी तरह से तैयार व्यक्ति, सूट, पैंट सूट, pantsuit, पैंट्सट, and अच्छी तरह से कपड़े पहने व्यक्ति. There might also be पूरी पोशाक वर्दी, पूर्ण पोशाक वर्दी, वरदी, रेजीमेंटल्स, regimentals, ग्रीन टोपी, विशेष बलों, कुलीन सैनिक, हरे भरे, विशेष बल, हरी टोपी, and अभिजात वर्ग सैनिक.

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Source: Steady Laughing
added by JoeysBabyGrL
Source: Steady Laughing
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The अगला morning, I woke up with a great joy, with a big smile. I stretched, thinking about everything happened yesterday. But this thought who came yesterday night, before I slept, came again : How Michael is here, he don't suppose to be.... away now ? I knew in deep of my दिल that I felt Michael Jackson was always here, but it's like even... strange, but the most weird it's how Michael can be stay young, like Bad Era ??? it's really strange... But I don't care because my dream is real now and this evening I will see him again! Plus in Neverland!!
So at 6.30 pm, I was in the सड़क, स्ट्रीट behind...
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Michael was really scared at this point. "Who is doing this?Why are they doing this?" Michael asked himself. Michael walked back upstairs. "Michael tell me right now what the hell is going on?" Diane demanded. "I already told you, someone is stalking us and whoever it is i know is going to try and ...." Michael trailed off he couldnt bring himself to say it. "Hurt us." Diane कहा trying to finish his sentence. "No....more like kill us." michael replied. Michael then headed into the रसोई, रसोईघर and grabbed the house phone and called the police.

Within about 15 मिनटों 4 cops showed up at michael's...
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Michael arrived at the hospital not knowing Diane's condition, या the condition of his unborn son. "please say their okay." Michael कहा as he walked into the lobby of the hospital. There he was met द्वारा Alicia, "Alicia have आप heard anything?" Michael asked with tears in his eyes. "I just got here and all I know is she's being rushed into an emergency c-section." Alicia replied.

Alicia and Michael then headed up to the maturity ward where they sat and waited outside of the operating room where doctors desperately to save the baby. As they waited michael prayed like he never had before. "Please...
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posted by MJlover101
Michael went to the front door and opened it. He immediately wished he hadn't though. Standing outside the house was Bill.
"Morning Michael." He said. He seemed very jumpy.
"Bill, what are आप doing here?" Michael asked. "You're meant to be in London."
"I was...it's just...someone wants to see you."
Bill stepped aside and revealed Joseph was had been behind him. Michael suddenly felt ill.
"Joe, I thought आप were in Indiana." Michael said, stepping outside.
"That's not important right now. I need to ask आप something though. Did आप really take that girl back to her orphange?"
"Y-yes, I did."...
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posted by MJlover101
Days turned to weeks and Rosabel was happier than she had ever been. She was still staying at Neverland with Michael, Janet, Mac, Elijah and Simone. It was now the middle of December and Rosabel was getting और and और curious about Christmas. She had seen it snow for the first time, had her first snowball fight and built her first snowman all in one day. She had seen countless adverts for क्रिस्मस presents on TV and had already made her letter for Santa. The peculiar thing was that Neverland House still wasn't decorated. When Rosabel had asked Michael why the house wasn't decorated, he...
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posted by MJlover101
Michael and Rosabel arrived at LAX late afternoon. Rosabel had fallen asleep so Michael carried her and their bags into the airport. There he found Janet sitting at the cafe eating a चॉकलेट muffin.
"Enjoying that Dunk?" He said, sneaking up behind her.
"Michael!" She stood up and gave her brother a hug. "Is this the little girl you've been talking about?"
"No, it's a leopard I adopted on the way over." Michael said, smirking at Janet.
"What's her name?" Janet asked, ignoring Michael's sarcasm.
"Rosabel Diamond. Don't wake her yet. Hopefully she'll sleep the whole journey. I want to surprise her....
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First of all michael is a human being and he feels what those people make fun of him. It really hurts him and it makes me sad. I think those people were so heartless. I hate to see michael sad या hurting it makes me want to cry. But he wouldn't want people to cry forever he would want us to smile all the time. Michael did not read magizines but he saw and heard what people कहा about him. He was so tired of being made fun of he was always made fun of as a kid and teen and it continued as he grew older and became और famous. I can't believe some of the things they wrote about him. It is mean and rude I was treated the same way as a kid too. My sisters and brother were always making fun of me and kids at scholl called me a pig and meany head. I wanted to end my life. but michael gave me hope to keep my head up and believe. I प्यार आप michael jackson king of pop, rock, and soul.
posted by jazzyjaz31
 Jazzy have alot of प्यार for आप guys!!!!
Jazzy have alot of love for you guys!!!!
"You know I प्यार आप very very very much. आप will always be in my heart. I प्यार you!!!. (kisses)"

4.Nahtania Jackson
5.Niks Adnks

YoyoJackson: I प्यार आप sis very much!!!!!
Nahtania Jackson: I प्यार आप sis soo much!! MJJJ29fan: I प्यार आप sis soo so much!!!
Niks Adnks: I प्यार आप sis alot!!!!!
MJpeterpan: I प्यार आप sis very much. but u almost the best sister!!!
Koolkat-1994: I प्यार आप sis!!!. Keep michaeling
iluvmj54: I प्यार आप sis. even sometimes u get on my nerve (jk)!!.
Sanuce:I प्यार आप very very very much. आप are the best sister.

Natasa: I प्यार आप every single day. U always make me happy. I will always be द्वारा ur side forever. Sisters forever!!
 I प्यार आप sis!!!! <3
I love you sis!!!! <3
 I प्यार आप sis!!!! <3
I love you sis!!!! <3
 I प्यार आप sis soo much!!! <3. आप are the best!!!
I love you sis soo much!!! <3. you are the best!!!
 I प्यार आप sis!! <3
I love you sis!! <3
 I प्यार आप sis very very very much!!!!. आप will always be my sister forever!!!
I Love you sis very very very much!!!!. you will always be my sister forever!!!
Michael arrived back onset 20 मिनटों before they were to begin shooting. Michael walked over to one of the tables and sat down. Michael then took out the ultrasound picture diane had दिया him and he began to look it over once again. As he glaced at it he could make out the face, legs, and faintly an arm, fingers and a hand.Part of him couldnt believe he was going to be a father, other part was telling him could do this. But he still wondered if he was going to be able to be a father and a entertainer at the same time. "Would i have to give up my carreer as an entertainer just so i can be...
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 The गुलाब that michael threw on the floor... </3
The roses that michael threw on the floor... </3
The अगला morning Diane awoke to the usual sound of her alarm. As always Diane got up, got into the shower, got dressed , put on her makeup and headed out the door to go to work. Once she arrived she unlocked her office and went straight to her डेस्क and began working.

Diane didnt know how long she had been working when there was a sudden knock at the door. "Come in" Diane said. When the door was opened diane was outraged to see Mark standing in the doorway. "What do आप want mark?" Diane growled. "Oh i just want a little something that आप never gave me when we were together." Mark कहा as he...
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 Mark Diane's Ex from highschool
Mark Diane's Ex from highschool
A महीना and a half has now gone द्वारा and things between michael and Diane were getting pretty serious. Everything seemed to be going great despite the constant disapproval of people on the set. But one दिन everthing slowly but surely began to change......

It was a rainy afternoon as Diane sat in her office reviewing footage of the days filming when there was a sudden knock on her door. "Come in" Diane कहा figuring it was probably michael coming in for a short visit which he had been doing alot lately since they were dating. But she was shocked when see saw it was Mark smith one of her ex bofriends...
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posted by 2468244
He gives another smile, tries to understand her side
To दिखाना that he cares
She can’t stay in her room
She’s consumed with everything that’s been goin’ on
She says

Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand

Everything will be alright, he assures her
But she doesn’t hear a word that he says
Preoccupied, she’s afraid
Afraid what they’ve been doing’s not right
He doesn’t know what to say, so he prays
Whatever, whatever, whatever

Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand
(Don’t let go of my hand)
He says
Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand
(Don’t let go of my hand)
Whatever happens,...
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posted by Tabbs
"Smooth Criminal"

As He Came Into The Window
It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo
He Came Into Her Apartment
He Left The Bloodstains On The Carpet
She Ran Underneath The Table
He Could See She Was Unable
So She Ran Into The Bedroom
She Was Struck Down, It Was Her Doom

Annie Are आप OK
So, Annie Are आप OK
Are आप OK, Annie
Annie Are आप OK
So, Annie Are आप OK
Are आप OK, Annie
Annie Are आप OK
So, Annie Are आप OK
Are आप OK, Annie
Annie Are आप OK
So, Annie Are आप OK,
Are आप OK, Annie

(Annie Are आप OK)
(Will आप Tell Us That You're OK)
(There's A Sign In The Window)
(That He Struck You-A Crescendo Annie)
(He Came Into...
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Na Na Na-Na Na Na Na Nah!
Hoo Hoo!
Doggone Lover!
C'mon Boy

I Watched आप On The Floor
Cheek To Cheek
She's Getting To You
You Didn't See-Her Eyes On
She Looked Right Through You
(Before आप Make)
Before आप Make
(A Big Mistake)
That Looks Can Fool You
Babe, Hee!

There's Something I Would
Sure Appreciate
(If आप Can Keep A Secret)

Baby Loves Me
But She Never Shows
She Cares
(No, आप Won't See Her Kiss
And Hug Me)
Baby Loves Me
No She Acts Like I'm
Not There
(That Doesn't Mean She
Doesn't प्यार Me-Ooo)

If They Ask Her
Tell 'Em That We're Just
Good फ्रेंड्स . . .
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posted by Esmiralda14
Another दिन has gone
I'm still all alone
How could this be
You're not here with me
You never कहा goodbye
Someone tell me why
Did आप have to go
And leave my world so cold

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did प्यार slip away
Something whispers in my ear and says
That आप are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay

But आप are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But आप are not alone

'Lone, 'lone
Why, 'lone

Just the other night
I thought I heard आप cry
Asking me to come
And hold आप in my arms
I can hear your prayers
Your burdens I will bear...
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