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This माइकल जैक्सन चित्र contains परिवार कक्ष, कमरे में रहने वाले कमरे में रहने वाले, कमरे में बैठे, सामने के कमरे, पार्लर, लिविंग रूम, बैठे कमरे, फ्रंट रूम, बैठक, and ड्राइंग रूम. There might also be भोजन करनेवाला and डिनर.

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Setting: A friend of michael's tells him that he should try the salt and ice challenge because it will keep his skin nice and healthly. Also his friend tells him to video tape himself doing it for his यूट्यूब channel.

Michael sets up video camera
Michael: Hello everyone...today i was asked द्वारा a close friend of mine to do the salt and ice challenge, so im going to do that and i guess video tape my reaction, ok here is goes.
Michael walked over to the counter where he grabs the ice and then the salt and places them in view of the camera, and rolls up his right arm sleeve.
Michael: Okay so आप take...
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 my beautiful Michael
my beautiful Michael
Jennine put on the tight red dress glad she didnt eat that extre slice of पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा the night before. A blonde woman entered the room and applied makeup . Deep ruby red lipstick and black mascara. she कहा for Jennine to tie her blonde hair in a silk red ribbon so that the singer could take it out during filming. Jennine hoped the singer was good looking she didnt want some creepy looking guy touching her too much. Finally ready Jennine was told to wait in the room at the back. Jennine walked awkwardly on nine inch heels to the अगला room and sat down. after what seemed like hours a man came in and introduced himself as Frank. he lead Jennine to a side entrance which opened up into a room that resembled a night club. Chairs and tables with a bar and a group of people standing around . Lots of pretty girls in bright dresses and dance shoes. Cameras were at every angle. Jennine felt the heat of a thousand lights on her
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Matt Fiddes claimed he was Michael Jackson's bodyguard... that's just one of his many lies!!!
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matt fiddes
uri geller
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In case आप ever wanted to know how to do it ;)
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smooth criminal
how to
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I think this song fits them well (Well most of it :) ) Just listen to the words! Enjoy and comment!
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king of pop
tribute prince paris blanket
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