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This माइकल जैक्सन चित्र contains संगीत कार्यक्रम. There might also be गिटारवादक, गिटार खिलाड़ी, and गिटार प्लेयर.

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 The rose Michael had left behind for Taylor as if he was living part of himself behind with Taylor
The rose Michael had left behind for Taylor as if he was living part of himself behind with Taylor
I slowly turned around to see the handsome एंजल I grew to love, staring at me in the eyes while laying there with nothing but his silky black pajama pants. I was in pure happiness to see that he was home. "Michael! What are आप doing here?" he didn't answer. He just leaned towards me and gave me a slow passionate kiss. I kissed him back as I began to cry seeing and feeling him here at home. I never shut my eyes as we kissed. I wanted to see him. Michael slowly rolled onto me and just kissed me slowly as if this was the last time forever. I didn't mind because I never got tired of his touch....
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Later after work Diane came घर to see the house had been transformed, All the lights where dimmed down low and there were two trails of rose petals one leading to the Dinning room and the other leading upstairs.

"Which trail should i follow first?" Diane thought. Thinking that Michael had a romantic रात का खाना planned, she put her things down and followed the trail that lead into the dinning room. Once she made her way into the dinning room she saw that the तालिका, टेबल was set and candles where lit everywhere she looked. As she was looking around she noticed that michael was no where in sight. Thinking...
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Michael was taken aback द्वारा Nicole's response. "So..you do प्यार me?" Michael asked. Michael was answered द्वारा Nicole giving him another kiss. "Does that answer it?" Nicole replied. Michael just stood there, speechless. "I'm...I'm sorry... i shouldnt have done that." Nicole replied as she then began to scurry back down the hall to her room. "No..nicole wait..its ok." Michael कहा as he followed her down the hall. "No..its not ok...i barely know आप and i know your mad at me." Nicole कहा as she made her way into her room. "Nicole.....nicole just listen to me, im not mad at आप for चुंबन me, in...
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Hey,I thought about making another लेख and I thought it should be a क्रिस्मस story,with MJ of course as "Santa"!You'll see why I used the quotations!;p

It's December the 24th,the night before Christmas.In Neverland,Michael Jackosn sits in a room,next to the fire,with a lot of children.Michael is पढ़ना them a क्रिस्मस story and the kids were quietly listening to him and drinking their hot chocolate.Suddenly,there was a knock at the door."I'll go and see who is it,wait here until I come back,ok kids?",Michael कहा as he left the room and headed to the door.He opened it and saw a man with...
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 Michael holding Little Wendy (I know its him holding Prince, but pretend it's Wendy he's holding)
Michael holding Little Wendy (I know its him holding Prince, but pretend it's Wendy he's holding)
10 weeks later
Michael and Aislinn went back to the hospital to check out the gender of the baby. She was 14 weeks in and her tummy started showing. They waited in the room for Dr. White to come in. He came in soon enough. "Why welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. I suppose your hear for your check up on the baby?" He asked, looking at them. Aislinn nodded and he got the जेली and the ultrasound. (Me: Note that it may not follow the actual story line of his life and his kids.) "Lift your कमीज, शर्ट and let's see that stomach of yours." Aislinn lifted her कमीज, शर्ट over her stomach and the doctor put the...
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"Come on big bro...its not all that dangerous..besides everyone is doing it." Ali said. "Even Miley cyrus has a यूट्यूब channel." Michael sighed. "Alright ill get a यूट्यूब account." Michael said. "Yes!" Ali exclaimed. "But... आप have to promise me आप wont go bragging about it to anyone..got it?" Michael कहा sternly. Ali nodded as she hopped off the stool. "Where are आप going?" Michael asked. "Im going to start your यूट्यूब account." Ali said. "Wait for me..dont get started without me." Michael replied as he got off the स्टूल, मल and began to put up the leftovers of their snack. "Ok ill just...
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3~~YouR EyeS so beaUtifuL,like the stars in the sky

YouR voice so sweet and GenTle like an angel

Your lips so smooTh and soft like honey

Your glance so wondeful,so mysterious

makes me my दिल beating like crazy

Your bright smile shines my world

YoUr Beautiful soul that touches my heart

shows me how beautiful आप are

Everything आप do is perfect

cause you're a perfection for me

They say प्यार hurts and that is hopeless

but with your प्यार everything changes

You're my mind, my soul

you're everything i do

आप are the one for my heart

And i want आप to know that

आप are the one who चुरा लिया my heart

thx to आप my life has competely changed

and now आप are in a better place

and though i cry and sometimes feel alone

i know that आप will always be there,in my heart<3

LOve आप for Michael,my sweetie
ANd for आप are always in my HEART!!!~~<3 <3 <3 <3
The अगला दिन Michael arrived bright and early back at the theater for the first दिन of rehersals. When he arrived he noticed that Ali was the only dancer that had arrived.Ali was sitting on the stage stretching. Michael walked onto the stage. "Ali what are आप doing here so early?" Michael asked. "Gee आप like to ask alot of सवालों dont you?" Ali कहा rudely. "Ok seriously what is your deal??? i was only asking आप a सवाल theres no need for आप to go all bitchy on me...i just asked a simple question." Michael कहा sternly. "So your calling me a कुतिया, मतलबी now?" Ali said. "No! i didnt call...
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