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Michael arrived at the hospital not knowing Diane's condition, या the condition of his unborn son. "please say their okay." Michael कहा as he walked into the lobby of the hospital. There he was met द्वारा Alicia, "Alicia have आप heard anything?" Michael asked with tears in his eyes. "I just got here and all I know is she's being rushed into an emergency c-section." Alicia replied.

Alicia and Michael then headed up to the maturity ward where they sat and waited outside of the operating room where doctors desperately to save the baby. As they waited michael prayed like he never had before. "Please...
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After Filming
Frank made sure, after we were done filming Smooth Criminal, that he made a copy of it for me and Michael so we can catch any mistakes. Once Frank made the copy, he handed it to Michael.
"Here आप go, Michael and Rebecca. Alert me if there are any mistakes so we can finish it up." Frank said.
Michael took the disk and looked at Frank. "Thanks, Frank. Will do." He said.
Soon enough, Michael and I left and headed on back to Neverland. While we were walking home, we talked along the way about how we were gonna tell our families about our engagement...and our baby.
"I don't know, Michael...how...
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 michael upset since he found out jonna kissed j.cole
michael upset since he found out jonna kissed j.cole
michael pov
i went back downstairs while jonna splet i was really worried about her seeing j.cole i knew i killed him 7 months पूर्व im not stupid and आप burn down the place how is that possbile but what ever the man is dead so no need to worry
for me and jonna life now soon will be married and soon enough my mother will help buy a house for me and my mom so me and jonna and the kids can be together.


me and mihcael want something to be dangerous and also decent so everything will go ok.in my mind all i could think about was j.cole i knew what...
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Lloyd's of लंडन has gone to court ... asking a judge to let the company off the financial hook, claiming it doesn't owe the Michael Jackson Estate $17.5 million on grounds MJ was a fraud.

The company issued the muilti-million dollar policy to cover the doomed "This Is It" tour for losses.

But Lloyd's claims it doesn't have to honor the policy for 2 primary reasons:

1. Michael Jackson and AEG allegedly lied about Michael's medical history -- specifically, MJ कहा he had not seen a doctor other than a cosmetic MD since June, 2005.

2. Michael did not disclose he was taking prescription drugs prior to and at the time of his death -- including Propofol.

Lloyd's is asking the court for a declaration that the policy is null and void as a result of the alleged fraud.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Estate, tells TMZ, "This legal action is nothing और than an insurance company trying to avoid paying a legitimate claim द्वारा the insured."
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Every night she walks right in my dreams
Since I met her from the start
I'm so proud I am the only one
Who is special in her heart

The girl is mine
The doggone girl is mine
I know she's mine
Because the doggone girl is mine

I don't understand the way आप think
Saying that she's your not mine
Sending गुलाब and your silly dreams
Really just a waste of time

Because she's mine
The doggone girl is mine
Don't waste your time
Because the doggone girl is mine

I प्यार आप और than he
(Take आप anywhere)
But I प्यार आप endlessly
(Loving we will share)

So come and
Go with...
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