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posted by luvauntrosienmj
The अगला दिन Michael wakes up and he call bobby Michael कहा " हे good morning bobby i need a girl man a girl?" Bobby कहा " yes u do sir u are so lonely u need a girl a woman in life" Michael कहा " ok bobby u help me out go to resturants and if u see hottest tell them Michael Jackson want talk to them one on one Bobby कहा " alright Michael bye" Michael कहा " bye get to work" then Michael hang up phone and then 5 mins later door घंटी, बेल rang Michael open the door and it was like a lot of hottes bobby कहा " here u are boss" Michael कहा " dammmm!! bobby thats work" bobby कहा " Michael " thank u bobby u could leave now" bobby कहा " alright" so then after 5 ladies wasnt so hot 7 ladies cry when Michael didnt like them becuz to hype and they was crazy one of the ladies who was crying hit Michael and Michael was pissed off so then 3 ladies was left so then Michael was siting down and he कहा " who nexts?" Maria कहा " hi Michael nice to meet आप i am a big प्रशंसक of आप even when i was little like i have a whole bunch of posters of आप i have a lot of albums of you" Michael कहा " finally get the heck of my house आप talk too much sorry heehee" Maria कहा " fine forget u then " so then it was one left so then it was Maria sister Michael कहा " hi how are you? " Isabella कहा " hi Michael i am good आप know the girl name Maria that was my sister" Michael कहा " oh i am relly sorry" Isabella कहा " it's ok Michael so i am 21 and i work at resturant name Diamonds and i work 2 through 5" Michael कहा " that good and um आप cute for sure mabe i pick u up 2mm how u like that?" Isabella कहा " i would like that thank आप Michael and i have to go sorry bye" Michael कहा " dnt be sorry " so then Isabella left and Michael couldnt stop thinking about her then it was 10:00 so he went to sleep sorry Hannah sleeping whole day. To be continue
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I live in Sydney,and the साल after MJ was here,I was talking to a gentleman who ran a security grim in Sydney. We were just talking and he did not know I was an MJ fan. He was telling me about some of the stars his firm was contracted to protect whilst in Sydney,and MJ was one of them.
I just कहा 'wow what was that like'?-considering the heightened hysteria surrounding him at the time,considering that (if my memory serves me correctly),DRs pregnancy had just been announced a few days nefore he arrived in AU. He कहा ''yes it was crazy,especially since he still had his ex-wife with him!
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