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posted by Thrillie-jean
Dear liz,
impatience is not usually my weakness.But your letters torment me.They make me want to saddle a horse and ride to your house(dont ask me how i would पार करना, क्रॉस the ocean),where i would make आप explain yourself.
आप know,i never thought things would happen this way.i'm planning to attend a seminar simply because lisa will be there.my दिल is broken.i'd see her and it would mend.i'd leave her and it'd break again.the seminar is three nights.it will break three times.
But maybe i have लॉस्ट nothing.she never was what i thought her.so i've लॉस्ट nothing. she laughed in my face many times before.love is cruel आप know? I have to go.write back soon.
Missing you.
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