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posted by parapetro
This gull-winged beauty is on sale in Germany fromoff 16th of Nov,2009 for 170.000 Euros
(250.000 USD ).
571 HP,6.3 litres V8 engine,topspeed regulated in
at 317 kmph, 650 Nm torque and just a twoseater.
The real rebirth of 300 SL Gullwing of the fifties !
View on Mercedes-Benz-International Website !

The classic silver arrows of MB were born when the
traditional race colour of german racing cars
( white )were scratched off the cars द्वारा order of
legendary racing chief Neubauer in the thirties just to spare some extra kilos of weight.

So the " Silberpfeile " were a synonym for racing performance and...
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posted by machocar
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