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कविता alert! Most will be like this!

Darkness beyond
Darkness gone
Mephiles, that name in my head
Mephiles, that guy should be dead

Clouds of black and white
Yin and Yang
Din and Rang
None of these things mean anything to Mephiles
Killing so relentless

Mephiles, Mephiles
Won't आप come out and play?
Mephiles, Mephiles
I don't want आप here to stay
Don't be so utterly mean
Stop trying to be the dean of all deans

Mephiles, so dark
With his red and green eyes
On a journey, he will embark
Into the Black Sea
There isn't enough room for आप and me

Mephiles, the Dark Draco of Doom
He seeps blood through his lifeless...
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Blaze: Well we've destroyed it for now.
Silver: But it'll rise from it's ashes again.
*Silver puches wall*
Silver: How can this not work!?
Blaze: Calm down Silver.
silver: *Nods head* How can we completely destroy Iblis?!
*Blaze looks away*
Mephiles: Hahahaha! How ironic fate can be! Everything has an origin. आप need to find chicken.
Silver: So that blue hedgehog is the iblis trigger? But that's impossible.
Mephiles: *turns head* Chicken, Flower, Egg, Seed. HAHAHAHA!!HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!
Mephiles: To fix this present timeline, आप need to change the egg seed.
Silver: But that's impossible.
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mephiles has a sparta remix
mephiles the dark
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