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Marino “
A friend can be worth
Her weight in सोना and more.
More precious each day
Than the दिन before.
The time आप choose to spend
Together with a friend is all it takes
A few treasures found
Down in the deep blue sea
May sparkle and excite
Both आप and me.
But putting trinkets first
would have to be the worst of all mistakes.
both girls
Can treasure hold me close?
Can treasure comb my hair?
Would treasure laugh
At all my jokes?
Does treasure really care?
Do trinkets sit and chat?
Do trifles swear their truths?
Do golden baubles make me laugh?
They shimmer and they glimmer
But I think I’ll treasure...
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First episode of the new series of Megaman.
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the same senseless stage playing with Zero this time
mega man x
elf wars
zero stage
batton bone
spiky mk2
giga death b
प्रशंसक game
flash as3
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