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My Maximum Ride Cast Max- Dakota Fanning Fang- Avan Jogia Iggy- Austin Butler Nudge- Parker McKenna Posey Gazzy- Jimmy Jax Pinchak Angel- Taylor Anne Thomas Jeb- Jack Coleman Ari- Thomas Dekker Dr. Martinez- Lauren Graham Ella- Victoria Justice
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I wanted to tell everyone about my dream Maximum Ride cast was so here it is.
FANG- Robbie Amell.
MAX-Taylor Momsen.
NUDGE- Sydney Park.
IGGY- William Moseley.
GASMAN- Randy Shelly.
ANGEL- I can't figure anyone one out 4 this part.
DYLAN- Zac Efron.
JEB- I can't figure anyone 4 this part either.
ARI- Jeremy Supter.
This is my dream cast 4 Maximum Ride. Please टिप्पणी दे an tell me what आप think. Also प्रशंसक me and send me a message. I'm bye1 A.K.A kenna B. So please come to my profile.
Oh and if anyone knows when the movie is coming out please Sen me a message या post on my wall. If anyone gets any ideas 4 an actor 4 एंजल या JEB.
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Disclaimer Note: Maximum Ride belongs to James Patterson, however the ideas of this story belong to me. The शीर्षक of this story is also the new शीर्षक for the book 8 which J.P totally owns.

Do आप know how it feels to loose almost everything you've ever cared about all in the same week? No, of course आप don't, because those things only seem to happen to me.

I had लॉस्ट Fang, my first and perhaps only love. Not to mention my best friend, right winged man and सेकंड in command. He left me (Maximum Ride AKA Max) and the flock (Nudge, Iggy, The Gasman – Don't go there, and Angel) with nothing...
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Ari’s Friend
Chapter One- A Small Difference
    After a lot of reckoning, the School finally लॉस्ट track of where the bird kids were for now. They searched everywhere and couldn’t find them. It was very typical to run away from danger for them. Now they had to track them down again and, of course, send some flying erasers to go eliminate them.
    For now, Ari was free with nothing to do. The School didn’t need him for anything so he decided to go outside. And do what exactly? Playing outside was something आप did with friends,...
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Episode 2

*San Francisco, California, 9:00 pm*

Nick: *Sleeping*

Nudge: *Looking at the bay*

Felecia: *Sees Nudge* Hello Nudge.

Nudge: Oh, hello Felecia.

Felecia: It’s so beautiful tonight....the moon is reflecting the shining bay...

Nudge: I have never seen San Francisco before...I lived my whole life in a dog crate...

Felecia: I used to be in an orphanage with Nick, but then I was adopted into a family that lived on a plantation.

Nudge: Plantation? What’s that?

Felecia:’s a large piece of land where they grow’s kind of like a farm...except the owner is very rich...

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She saw a beam of light coming in the room. It turned out to be the professors coming through a steel door, they wore bleached white lab coats and goggles on their heads. She shielded her eyes.
"Elizabeth Ramon, your turn to be analyzed."
They cautiously opened the gate door she was held in. Immediately, Elizabeth made a run- Or, fly for it. Dashing past all the professors sprinting after her. Ah, she found a window. Lifted the bars, and was soon in luscious air, the calming winds blowing her hair out of her loose ponytail holder. She was free. And her dim-colored wings soared. And no one could...
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I've never felt so alive. My hair was whipping out behind me, the wind in my face, and the incredible moonlight was all so exhilarating. When, suddenly I opened my eyes, and back to reality I was. Huge Erasers, the school's newest model, were swiftly swooping in the air, chasing after me. Well, I thought, at least the rest of the flock is safe... Ish. They had captured everyone but me. I rocketed through the gaps in the branches when suddenly I लॉस्ट my balance. A huge branch smacked me in the face. The last thing I remember was falling to the ground, passing out halfway to my death. Now, I...
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