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I have loved क्रिस्मस as far back as I can remember. क्रिस्मस songs are a different story. I can't remember which I learned first, all I can remember is when I was about five and my brother was about three we sang the one line of a क्रिस्मस songs we knew "You scumbag' आप maggot, आप cheap lousy faggot". "Fairy tale of New York" is still one of my favourite क्रिस्मस songs. I प्यार गाना and acting, but for me I prefer to sing "Silent Night", for the simple reason: I know the words!
Well, my चोटी, शीर्ष three fave क्रिस्मस songs are:

1.Baby it's cold outside
2.Silent Night
3. Fairy tale of New York

क्रिस्मस songs are sometimes listened to all साल round .Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. "Baby it's cold outside"? Look I know it's a क्रिस्मस song but Winter isn't the only time it' cold!