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Masquerade: He used to be the number 1 Bakugan player before he left Alice's body. His goal is to send all Bakugan to the Doom Dimension with his Doom Card, so he can evolve his Hydranoid and have the Ultimate Bakugan. He is a Darkus battler. He is revealed to be Alice in episode 38 and 39. मास्करेड came to being when negative energy changed Alice. (Who doesn't know she is Masqurade या what happens when she becomes him.) Alice's Grandfather was also affected द्वारा the negative energy and he was changed into Hal-G.(A man working with Naga to destroy Earth and Vestroia.) He battles with Dan in episode 38 and loses. He is actually Alice, but मास्करेड disappears from her body.
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मास्करेड (a.k.a. Alice Gehabich) is one of the main characters in the ऐनीमे series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is a Darkus brawler, and a mastermind. He works with Hal-G and Naga to make Hydranoid the ultimate Bakugan. He is shown as someone who manipulates others, recruiting Chan Lee, Julio, Klaus, Billy, Komba, and many minor characters to destroy the Battle Brawlers. However, he turns good after Dan defeated him during their final battle in episode 38.

* 1 Appearance
* 2 Character
o 2.1 Masquerade's identity
o 2.2 Bakugan
* 3 Trivia
* 4 Gallery
* 5 Battles

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मास्करेड could kick the pyrus wanna-be's नितंब, गधा anytime!!
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Now, write here your character's information.

Full Name Of The Character:
Personal Characteristic:
Bakugan's Name:
Bakugan's Appearance:
Bakugan's Abilities:


Full Name Of The Character: Ayleyda Laura Wilson.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has got middle-length नारंगी, ऑरेंज hair with green eyes. She has got a little bit freckles. She wears a blue जैकेट with black tight shorts. She also wears long black boots. She makes her hair in 'horsetail' model. But she leaves some hair on her face as a curl.
Age: 16
Personal Characteristic: She is so adventurer and brave. She is kind(can't challange Alice about it). But she believes that working alone is better.
Element: Darkus.
Bakugan's Name: Aquanoid.
Bakugan's Appearance: Looks like a dragon but it's blue and black. It's body is coloured black but his back is full of blue stripes.
Bakugan's Abilities: He can send dark lightnings.

Now, write your own, it's fun!
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(Team मास्करेड 4EVER!!! xD)
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