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"We're dead," टेलीविज़न host Max Trevor moaned as he sat in his production office in Hollywood. "The ratings are way down. We've got to do something soon या the network will रद्द करें our show!"
"Calm down, Max," his assistant Sasha said. "We're shooting in Mexico this season. That should help."
"I can't calm down, Sash!" Max screamed. "We need और people to watch 'The Challenge' या we're history!"
Marcus Wilson stood in the doorway to Max's office with two videotapes in his hands. The eighteen-year-old intern smiled to himself. The famous Max Trevor was in trouble, and Marcus was going to save...
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Mary-Kate and Ashley Parker are hanging out, trying to think of a way to become popular-when a jewel thief trips over their feet!

They've stopped a major crime!
That's the good news.

The bad news is, now the Parker family has to हटाइए to Australia to get away from the thieves!

Australia is first.

The girls' plan works, and soon they're part of the लोकप्रिय crowd. But now they've got two problems.

One: The boys they really like aren't part of the in crowd.

Two: The jewel thieves have tracked them down -- and they want revenge!
Riley made a quick phone call to her friend Sierra Pomeroy and arranged to meet her at the Newsstand.
Twenty मिनटों later she and Chloe pushed open the glass doors to the coffee house. A bunch of little tables and chairs filled the center of the room. Along one दीवार was a rack of international newspapers. Another दीवार was lined with computers. And at the back was a small stage for performers.
"Sierra!" Riley called, seeing her friend head into the rest room. Riley hurried to catch up with her. "Wow," she said, checking out the plaid स्कर्ट and boring white ब्लाउज Sierra was wearing. "Your mom...
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In a lot of ways Mary-Kate and Ashley are like आप and your friends. And if आप have a twin, then they really are like you! "People ask us all the time if it's fun to be a twin," Mary-Kate says, "and we always tell them the same thing. Yes!" "We always have each other to talk with," Ashley explains. "We share all our big secrets." Sisters are often very close. But twin sisters are built-in best friends! Like most twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley share a special bond.

Each of them often seems to know what the other is thinking-without saying a word. "Ashley can tell things about me, like if something...
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Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Tween क्वीन Twins! Your new best फ्रेंड्स have just arrived...

Hans Jensen is tall, blond, and gorgeous -- and thinks he's the best at everything. When he signs up for every ski race in the White Oak/Harrington Winter Festival, Mary-Kate does too. Hans isn't the only super-athlete around -- and she's going to prove it!

But then Mary-Kate gets into major trouble -- and is thrown off all the teams! Can Ashley help her sister get back on -- या is Mary-Kate out of the race for good?
I rushed up to my sister's तालिका, टेबल in the खाना court. "Mary-Kate! Mary-Kate! Mary-Kate!" I shouted. Mary-Kate glanced up, startled. "Ashley! What's wrong?" "Nothing," I said, trying to catch my breath. "It's just-" "Let me guess," Jake joked. "Killer sale at the shoe store?"

I shook my head. "It's way bigger than that. Mary-Kate, आप will never guess who I just saw go into the CD shop!" "Who?" Mary-Kate asked. "Brian Cohn!" I told her. Mary-Kate's brow wrinkled. "Brian Cohn? From MusicFest? Are आप sure it was him?"

"Pretty sure," I said. "I left Brittany and Lauren on the lookout while I came here to find you." I grabbed her hand and tugged. "Come on-we have to see if it's really him!"
"Costume," our teacher, Mrs. Shaw, said. "Zachary Jones, please spell the word costume." That word is easy! I thought. Our class was having a practice spelling bee. It was my turn next. Zach scratched his wavy brown hair. He took a deep breath, then spelled: "C-o-s-t-o-o-m." Mrs. Shaw shook her head. "I'm afraid that is wrong." She pushed her black-rimmed glasses higher onto her pointy nose. "Zach, please sit down."
Zach took a सीट with the other kids who were already out of the bee. I smiled at my twin sister, Ashley, who sat in the सेकंड row. She is a good speller, but she got a really tricky word wrong. "Your turn, Mary-Kate," Mrs. Shaw said. "Spell costume." "C-o-s-t-u-m-e," I spelled quickly. Ashley gave me a thumbs up.
I made it through three और rounds. The words got harder and harder. Soon my friend Samantha Samuels and I were the only ones left.
"You've got the wrong pile of mail," Heidi pointed out loudly to Leila. Leila pushed her long, wavy blond hair out of her eyes and glanced around the large, open-design Hanson International offices. Everyone was staring up at them from their desks, trying to see what the problem was. Why don't आप just relax? Leila wanted to say to Heidi. But with everyone watching, she wasn't going to say anything. Instead, she bit her tongue and continued pushing the mail गाड़ी down the aisle. There were big open cubicles along each side.
Charli was right, she thought. Heidi is going to be a major pain this...
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"Thanks for picking us up, Rod," Ashley said. "Don't mention it," seventeen-year-old Rodney Choy replied. He worked for Headquarters, too. Rod drove the girls wherever they needed to go. "Looks like we have a big problem," Rod went on. "Someone is messing with संगीत broadcasting all across the country." "Tell us about it." Mary-Kate groaned. "We can't get any संगीत on the radio except some horrible song द्वारा Capital D."
"If आप ask me," Quincy said, "Capital D is a Capital Dork!" "I hope we can take care of this mission fast," Ashley said. "Mary-Kate and I have a big science test coming up." "What is it on?" Rod asked. "Sound," Ashley replied.
"I know tons of facts about sound," Quincy said. "Sound travels in waves through the air at different levels." "Those levels are called frequencies, right?" Mary-Kate asked. "Right," Quincy said.
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Mary-Kate Olsen - De Evil Twin

De Olsen Twins: ooit waren ze niet वैन, वान elkaar te onderscheiden, nu kunnen ze niet genoeg nadrukken dat er wel degelijk twee eitjes mee gemoeid waren. Sinds ze elk hun eigen weg gaan, kennen we Ashley Olsen als de zakenvrouw met de goeie smaak, het diploma en het brein. Mary-Kate maakt op haar beurt vooral furore als de evil twin met de warrige hairdo, de oversized zonnebril en de vele foute habits.

Mary-kate en Ashley Olsen (23) waren negen maanden oud toen ze voor het eerst op het scherm verschenen. Beurtelings namen ze de rol वैन, वान de kleine Michelle Tanner voor...
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Full name: Mary-Kate Olsen
Born: June 13,1986 at 10:28 am and the younger twin द्वारा 2 मिनटों apart from Ashley.
Birthtown: Sherman Oaks, Ca
Hometown: San Fernando Valley, Ca
Height: 5'0
Eye-Color: Blue/Green
Preferred Hand: Left
Hobbies: Loves Horseback-riding
Parents: Dave Olsen, Jarnette Olsen and stepmom Mackenzie Olsen
Siblings: Trent, Ashley, Elizabeth, Stepbrother Jake and Stepsister Taylor

Other facts about her:
♦ Mostly plays Sporty Girl Roles.
♦ Vehicles: Drives a Green Range Rover and owns a Black Porsche Cayenne SUV.
♦ Indulgence: Ice Blendeds at Cofee सेम, बीन and चाय Leaf.
♦ Likes to Shop...
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