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Virgo rising seems to be quite refined. Very often a probing, analytical speaker with a soft tone to your voice, others may see आप as intelligent and witty. Others may accuse आप of either being too neat, या too messy, but आप will certainly have a distinct pattern to your character. Others will notice how important work is to आप as well.

This Ascendant runs the risk of criticizing and undermining a lover because he truly wants perfection. In matters of प्यार and dating this could be a bit of an impediment. A relationship with Virgo rising is never easy and must be earned.

When it comes to sex...
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A superficial world
A world of lies, deceiving and betrayal
In a world like this
It's natural that आप fear
Fear that I am gonna let आप down
That I lie, that I would betray you

But आप know?
There are good things in this world too
They are rare, that is a fact
But they exist, I exist
With me, आप can let go of all your fears
Trust me and embrace this प्यार completely
For आप can't feel totally happy
When आप don't really trust me

Making आप happy
Seeing your beautiful smile everyday
Is what I want the most
What makes me feel the happiest
Knowing आप trust in me
Or that at least आप try to
Is a great proof of your...
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- Mário sees a horse with dots.
Mário: "Oh look! A zebra!"
Vanessa: "Zebras have stripes!"
Mário: "Whatever. A Dalmatian then."
Vanessa gives up hope.

- Mário loves eating Lamborghini. (Lasagne)

- Mário is a MAN. Men NEVER walk around the sofa. They have to jump over it. (he really does that ALL THE TIME) And then complain about pain in the knees, the back and the head.

- Men also NEVER walk around the sofa to bring आप something. They throw it at you. (Mário is a चॉकलेट bar thrower. Once the result was the चॉकलेट bar falling on the laptop and breaking in half.

- Vanessa: There shouldn't...
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 I miss having आप close
I miss having you close
Far from each other
Our bodies are separated
But still, our souls
Are always connected

I can feel आप here
Every single day
It gives me strenght
And makes me happy

But the connection
Can make me sad too
Cause although I can feel you
I can't actually touch you

I miss having आप close
Hugging and चुंबन you
Looking into your eyes
And tell आप sweet things

Being crazy with you
Laughing so much together
I miss hearing आप laugh
And the sound of your sweet voice

I miss how cute आप are
In so many situations
Making me want to hug आप tight
Making my दिल so warm

I miss all in you
But you're so worth the wait
I would wait...
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The only future I want and need
The only future I will accept in my life
Is a future besides you.

It is my dream
And I will chase it
I'll never give up
Until it's fulfilled

Without you
I wouldn't want to live
I would lose a part of me
My happiness would vanish

It's true
That I depend too much on you
And I can see
That आप depend too much on me

It's mutual
We're unseparable
Destiny brought us together
Soulmates can't be torn apart

True love
Is endless and pure
Can only grow with time
And it's the greatest feeling

I प्यार आप Vanessa
My happiness
My future
My life
My everything

आप are the perfect girl for me *-*