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It's dark out. The woods were silent, with only the faint sound of crickets. The night was cold.Dethpaw was racing back from the woods. She was out hunting, but something had happend.She was scratched up and hurt.Dethpaw has a black coat, and blue eyes, with a white tip on her tail, and a jet black dash on her chest.

"Killerstar!" She mewed for help.

Killerstar was the leader of the clan. She had a red coat, with black stripes.

"Killerstar?" She was panting and her cuts stung.

Firestripe comes from her den. She has a firery नारंगी, ऑरेंज coat, with yellow stripes, so her pelt looks like fire.

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Lightning Tail walked up to his mate, चेरी Heart. He saw that the Fresh-Kill pile was low. “Would आप like to go hunting?” He asked. “I would loves to” she purred. They were walking through the woods, then चेरी दिल stoped. “What is it?” Lightning Tail asked. “I smell squirrel” she said. He saw the गिलहरी and began to creep up on it. Then he smelled a new scent. It was Lake Clan’s.”We need to get back to camp, quick!” He कहा urgently. They raced back to camp. When they went in they saw a chaos of battle. Lightning Tail jumped in to help. He pounced on a Lake Clan...
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