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I प्यार my parents.

I don't know how I'll live without my parents, because I realize that they are the only people I'll always have. फ्रेंड्स don't last forever, and partners don't either. But your parents... they stick with आप from the beginning until the very end. Even when they leave the world, their memory and their wise lessons guide आप throughout life. The प्यार your parents have for आप is the strongest प्यार ever felt द्वारा humans. And I think it would be idiotic to say otherwise.

I fight a lot with my parents. I become insolent and harsh with them at times, and sometimes, I exceed to such...
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This is SO CUTE!!!! I adore Hoops and Yoyo. गूगल them and find their e-cards and you'll fall in प्यार with them too. xD
hoops and yoyo
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