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added by matisynn
Source: वॉलपेपर
i know how hardit is to ask some one out आप think it is beause आप are i wip well that is not true आप can ask anyone आप and this is how to do
1.stay calm
2.ask them if they are single
3.stay calm and wait for a answer
4.donot presuroer them
5 if they say yes then stay calm and say thanks and good bye
6.if they say no dont freek out just say thanks and bye and dont ask over agian dont say please hunderd times well thouse are some tips for प्यार आप will get आप r dream guy या girl द्वारा useing my great tips but remember do not persure them in to it if आप do that they will never like आप of तारीख, दिनांक आप या they might not even talk to आप and remember if आप are afriad that dose not make आप a wimp it means आप are scared to see if they lie आप back soo ask them and see प्यार youand good luck with प्यार bye