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i'm thinking that we have 2 clear this up.

we live here on a rocky किनारा, शोर and the territory is surrounded द्वारा mountains and covered thickly द्वारा trees and fog.
the training area in covered द्वारा moss and surrounded द्वारा large ferns the fog is still pretty thick here, so it's a good place 2 practice fighting in the fog.
there's a stream that runs right through the middle of the traitor. it branches off 2 a lake and ends in the ocean.
they say that light shines the brightest in the dark, but that's only if it gets through. the fog is so thick that light barely glows through. the camp is the brightest part...
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this is for all of u who wanna know y we live here...in this manshon...and for all of u who wanna know...*sigh* never mind...so, here goes...

i wake up at the foot of Master James' bed. another दिन in the place i call home. i've lived here sense i was born, and my family, much like James', has always lived here. James has told me since i was little the story of how his great ancestors made this house with their bare hands. they've had बिल्ली with them sense the 1st दीवार was built up. i look out the huge window and out at the beautiful mountains. i jump off the बिस्तर and walk 2 the volciny...
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