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posted by LostPB
Lilian Garcia may be a ring announcer, but that hasn’t stopped her from receiving some of the biggest ovations in डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई history thanks to her stirring rendition of the National Anthem.

A singer since she was a small child, Garcia was performing in bands द्वारा the time she was a teenager. After graduating from the विश्वविद्यालय of South Carolina, she became a radio DJ before finding her way to डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई in 1999. Since then, Garcia has made history as the first female to announce at WrestleMania and the first Diva to be in डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई for और than a decade.

Regularly performing “The तारा, स्टार Spangled Banner” before...
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