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Les Mis is, per the motto, the longest-running musical in Broadway history. For such a phenomenon to occur, there have to be at least 2 demographics: the प्रेमी and the haters. Making a film adaptation of such a musical, आप are met with equal reactions. The lovers, waiting in anticipation, and the haters, groaning about how far society has blown up a travesty. Since I'm neither, never before having seen the दिखाना या read the book, I went to the film with an open mind- expecting to see a good movie with संगीत I knew. And that's what I got. There are many advantages to film. One is able to much...
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So I watched the musical Les Miserables, a few months ago, and while I did प्यार the movie overall, I noticed there were characters that I absolutely adored, and others I just hated, and some that were just meh.

Keep in mind I have not read the novel, so भालू with me!

8. Cosette

I honestly adored her when she was a child, but I hated adult her. She was super boring, a Mary Sue, annoying and an संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर bad character! For one, her relationship with Marius annoys me and comes out of nowhere. Another thing I dislike about her is that she leaves the Thenaiders, but she just acts like it never...
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