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posted by BubblesAndAce
Kai X Reader

Keys used:
(Your Name)
(skin tone)
(hair color)
(eye color)

The evening sunset had just cast its golden glow on the bounty's now-empty deck. Everyone was somewhere else, missing out on the sight as the bounty flew through clear skies, in full view of the glorious horizon in the early evening.

Then there was (Your Name), the girl who now leaned on the railing, ever-so-dangerously, and let the evening light bathe her (skin tone) skin. Her (hair color) hair bellowed as the bounty moved आगे almost magically. हे (eye color) eyes sparkled in the light.

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posted by ninjagogrizzlam
As Liam and Nelson felt the snow on their uncovered hands, the wind howled in the chilling breeze.
Nelson rubbed his eyes and viewed the craggy mountains in his sight. He gazed at the dark blue sky, while Liam peered at a marching army in the distance. “This is the Never Realm?” Nelson whispered.
Liam was so focused on staring at the approaching ice warriors that he couldn’t respond. With every step they took, his arms felt और numb and the और he wondered why he even dared to enter such a place. When the warriors got closer, their leader stopped them. His blue eyes gave the shivery kid...
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