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on lazytown's greatest hits II, mayor meanswell's प्रिय song is fun to be the mayor from double trouble. stephanie's प्रिय song is galaxy from ziggy's alien. pixel's प्रिय song is gizmo guy from remote control and zap it. trixie's प्रिय song is step द्वारा step from a hero for a day. ziggy's प्रिय song is welcome to lazytown. bessie busybody's प्रिय song is give me snow from the lazytown snowmonster. sportacus's प्रिय song is energy from dear diary, sports day, records day, sportacus on the हटाइए and playday. robbie rotten's प्रिय song is master of disguise from playday and robbie's greatest misses. and stingy's प्रिय song is i'm a prince. this episode premiers in the upcoming season 3 of lazytown.