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Rose’s (Lauren Cohen) untimely death on The Vampire Diaries wasn’t easy for anybody — including Mr. Bad नितंब, गधा himself (Damon) — to swallow. Bites were bitten, stakes were stabbed, and tears were shed. But like somebody very smart once said, time heals all. And now we can proudly announce that sweet little Rose (okay, so there was that one time she almost killed Elena, but that’s beside the point) has moved on. And she hasn’t gone very far!

Deadline is reporting that Cohen’s just been cast as the female lead in the CW’s सूपरनॅचुरल pilot, Heavenly. The actress will play Lily (another...
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Deadline are reporting that The CW have a pilot in development called Heavenly, about a San Francisco attorney called Lily DeMarco (The Vampire Diaries’ Lauren Cohan) who’s partnered द्वारा an angel-turned-human Dashiell Coffee (Lark Rise To Candleford’s Ben Aldridge), to save people from jail and their souls from hell.

They are joined द्वारा Deputy District Attorney Sasha Nouri (Melissa & George’s Elizabeth Ho) and guided द्वारा pastor Owen Moretti (90210′s Ryan Eggold.) The pilot is being written द्वारा Richard Hatem (Supernatural, The Dead Zone).

Heavenly has broad similarities to the currently...
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Lauren Cohan (born November 30, 1982]) is an American actress. Her most recognized roles to तारीख, दिनांक are that of the role of Bela Talbot on सूपरनॅचुरल and her role as the British Vampire, Rose on The Vampire Diaries.

Early life
Lauren was born in Philadelphia and lived in चेरी पहाड़ी, हिल Township, New Jersey during her childhood before moving to the United Kingdom. Lauren graduated from the विश्वविद्यालय of Winchester / King Alfred's College where she studied Drama and English Literature, before touring with a theatre company she co-founded at the University. Lauren then विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें her time and work between...
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Tvguide.com got a chance to sit down with Lauren Cohan who will be portraying Maggie in the सेकंड Season of The Walking Dead. In the (short) interview, Cohan, in general terms, describes her character Maggie.

“If Maggie’s entrance is anything to go by, we have a lot to look आगे to” when Season 2 begins in October, says Lauren, calling from the Georgia set. “She wears jeans, kick-ass boots and rides a horse. She’s very steely and देखा गया Glenn [Steven Yuen] as a leader and the cutest of the bunch.”

She goes on to describe the place the farm that their using for Hershel’s Farm:

“When आप walk in, आप get a sense of the happy family memories that were there and the desperation of how they live now.”

It’s a really short interview and that’s all Tvguide.com gives us but it’s better than nothing.

Two of The CW’s prettiest faces are staying put at the network, while another is making a beeline for ABC.

Supernatural and Vampire Diaries तारा, स्टार Lauren Cohan has landed the female lead in the CW’s supernatural-themed drama pilot Heavenly. Exiting 90210 teach Ryan Eggold also has been tapped for a major role in the project. Gossip Girl‘s Kevin Zegers, meanwhile, has been cast opposite Jimmy Wolk in ABC’s Georgetown.

Heavenly centers on Lily (Cohan), a dedicated young female attorney, and a former angel, Dashiel Coffee (Ben Aldridge), only recently turned human, who tackle cases at the...
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