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posted by bossyalpha
Renard is in hot water as many प्रशंसकों are finding that there संगीत idol has been accused of terrible acts. he has been accused of sexual assault and rape from former and current colleagues who stepped आगे to speak up about there ordeals. As of now many are understandably upset rallying to मिटाइए the content and dump the merchandise as the anger flows over the चोटी, शीर्ष as हाल का accusations go public. Many of the Renard प्रशंसकों just now heard about this and while they all have mixed feelings it amounts to the same allot of disappointment anger and sadness and a heavy feeling of betrayal. As of now why this does not get the attention of legal law is a bummer rape is a crime and people who perform acts of such nature should be arrested and charged. for और info please visit

posted by LoneWOLF2272
It has been quite awhile since I have interacted with my प्रिय group of fursona's "lapfox trax." Their संगीत though, however, is burned inside me ever since I've listen to my प्रिय song, "Renard-Spring Rain." So it came to me द्वारा surprise when I finally decided to stumble onto the link The यू. आर्. एल is the same however instead of Lapfox Trax, it was Halley Labs. I still dont know why Renard change the name from Lapfox Trax to Halley Labs, Could be there are और artist contributing to the page, या the incident I heard he was accused of made him change his name. Whatever the case may be, Lapfox Trax is now Halley Labs apparently.