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 Lady Gaga for V Magazine द्वारा Inez and Vinoodh
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Source: Inez and Vinoodh for V Magazine
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v magazine
inez and vinoodh
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This लेडी गागा चित्र might contain चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, क्लोज़अप, त्वचा, skintone, नंगा रंग, आंशिक तन, निहित नग्नता, स्कंटोन, नग्न रंग, आंशिक नग्नता, and अव्यक्त नग्नता.

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It's too much a mess and a stress
To figure out and too much pressure on us, babe
Last night आप took me to the mall
And then it started to get physical

But we've only been on one date, baby
Yeah, I know it was fun till आप start अभिनय crazy
I don't really find it very cute या sexy
When आप call या incessantly, t-t-text me

Don't be dirty ice cream, baby
We could fall in प्यार but it's too early to be calling me like that
Stop calling, stop calling
It's not indecision, just my female intuition
Telling me आप can't be calling me like that
Stop calling, stop calling

I can't live with you, yes it's true या live...
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