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jacksmom said:
I am 47 and I have wanted a Tattoo since I was 16. No kidding!! I just never knew what I wanted. I do now. I thought about this very carefully. Through my life I have had so much taken from me. One of my most painful times was to have to leave my dog behind when I got my divorce. I could not seperate her from my ex-husbands dog because they grew up together. It is almost 8 years later and I just got a puppy. I have truly fallen in love with this lil guy. He has filled a void that before felt like a huge painful hole in my being. I want to get a Tattoo of him. I know just where I want it and all the details. He will be with me always this way. No one can ever take him from me. I would love to be on the show and have it done. I think it is huge that after 31 years I have made up my mind WITHOUT A DOUBT and want to share it with your viewers. You guys Rock. I enjoy all of you so much. It is so cool to see Kat happy with a new man. I wish your shop so much success. Leave it in God's hands. He will show you the way. Thanks for your time.
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norm said:
I am 43 and have about 30 tattoos but nothing on my back. My wife an i started doing pitbull resue about 3 yrs ago we falster an find homes for all of the dogs. Well we have 4 of are own that i want to get their faces and names on my back.We live in Maryland and its hard to find someone who wants to do dog portraits.
We love your show an the amazing art you guys do.
I have never been to the west coast because i am scared to death of flying never have but there is a first time for everything.If it was up to me i would ride my motorcycle but i would do anything for my dogs even get on a plane!!!!!! Thank you and keep up the great art. your friend
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