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Review of the anime: The first half is great, but season 2 is a rollercoaster of interesting & awful.

It's an incredibly amusing story. Even people like me who generally avoid romance can enjoy this. या perhaps there's just something generally less nauseating about preY2K romance comedies. This is the oldest example I know of trying to hook up a batshit crazy genki girl with a stone cold kuudere. The dub is excelent, but because of the switch from high-energy comedy to pure melodrama, Funimation dumped the series & you'll have to watch episodes 52-102...
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posted by comet612
Kodocha is the most amazing ऐनीमे i have ever watched, the दिखाना just grasped my interest and soul and held on to me. I was upsess with this दिखाना and i never want this दिखाना to end. Please dont let it end, please make more. Out of 10 i give this दिखाना 9, very amazing. The way the story plays out and the drama affects me, please make और of this show. I cant sleep without watching the show. Its a remedy to all ऐनीमे प्रेमी the लेखक and the maker has amazing talents. Sana and Hayumi and their firends are ust amazing this दिखाना is amazing dont let it end,dont let it end, dont let it end, dont let it end, dont let it end.