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Wow. I've learned so much already...
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Source: Me, RealDraw PRO
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Source: Me, RealDraw PRO
posted by Little_Cullen
Microwaves and their many advantages...

Microwaves! I'll say it again, because it's fun - microwaves! What would the average household do without their microwave? Who knows! Why? because these days most houses have microwaves.

And that is because the microwave is so very multi-functional. There are very few things which cannot be microwaved. Most things produce fascinating results, and microwaving things, (one of Robert Pattinson's प्रिय pass times, actually) can prove an excellent time passer.

For instance, have आप ever microwaved a banana? I have. I urge आप to try it. That's five मिनटों of your day, gone, but used wisely.

And think of how satisfying it is, when the little light turns on and the plate begins to spin... Almost like poetry...

So the moral of the story is; Live your life. Microwave things.
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He put his cellphone. In the microwave.