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Chapter 2

Note: Sorry about not updating so soon! I've been sort of busy, so yeah…You get the whole idea, thought I am really surprised about all the people that टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे the story! I really loved the reviews, and to tell आप guys the truth, this story was just going to be a one-shot! I was pretty bored one दिन so I just wrote it…and well, I decided to post it anywhere I could. I am quite pleased with the reviews that I got, which is what motivated me to keep going. Thank आप to all my audience!

Second Note: The following chapter is in Kowalski's point of view.

I don't know why I did that....
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Me and Penguin11 are in a little...argument. She think SHE belongs with Kowalski...but आप know. I don't think that's true! Kowalski belongs with Rico! We are each making लेखाए on who we think should win for the pick we have up. Read both of ours, then go vote!

Reason 1: Their friendship. Kowalski and Rico have been फ्रेंड्स for, like, FOREVER. Wouldn't it be so easy to transition into something more?

Reason 2: Their work well together. Rico is like Kowalskis right hand man. If Kowalski needs anything to do an experiment, who is gonna have it tucked away in his belly? Rico of course! And...
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Turned out Marlene just needed help fixing a leak in her pipe. I had it patched up in no time.
I was mad at Marlene, though. Her stupid pipe had ruined my chance with Rico.
...My chance with Rico? What am I saying? Do I think I actually HAVE a chance? That we have a chance?
A chance to प्यार each other?
And those सवालों only bring up the one I've wondered about my entire life:
What is love?

Rico approached me later. He had a funny expression on his face; sort of hopeful, but almost worried at the same time.
"Never answered," he कहा shyly.
I sighed. "I never answered what, Rico?"
"You प्यार me?"
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My first Kico fic and I don't think I did a very good job. It's in Ricos point of veiw.
I put this on fanfiction, But I want to put on here to so और people will read it. please
comment with praise and/or criticism.
I wasn't exactly sure when I started feeling like this. kowalski was a team mate. A good friend. And nothing more. But lately I felt like we should be something more. It started out with और contact. I would put my flipper on his shoulder या occasionally rub up against him when we were walking. I could just stand या sit अगला to Kowalski...
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I had SOO much fun लेखन this chapter! I hope आप have just as much fun पढ़ना it! Comment!

"Ugh," Kowalski instictively stretched out, before realizing he was no longer in a crate. He lay on a cold powdery substance. Snow? Kowalski put some in his mouth, then spit it out. It was Fake.

Standing up, he brushed of the flakes and looked around.
There was fake ice and snow covering the landscape,
with stone slabs set out in an area of salt water. If the snow wasn't real then...was this a habitat? Kowalski searched the perimeter for his mate, but came...
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