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Katie Cassidy Fans-I Need Some Serious Help

Ok so a hobby of mine is लेखन fanfiction and I recently was दिया the challenge from hell: make one fanfic that connects all Katie Cassidy characters.
Uh huh...?! I was दिया 15 saves which means I can save up to 15 people that die in the stories, no सवालों asked. Normally I can do fanfiction no sweat but this one is killing me!!!!
HELP Katie प्रशंसकों I don't know where to start!!

 TeamRosalieHale posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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energizerbunny said:
Characters she's played:

Ruby [Supernatural]
Trish Wellington [Harper's Island]
Ella Simms {Melrose Place]
Juliet Sharp [Gossip Girl]
Zoe [7th Heaven]
Kris Fowles [A Nightmare on Elm Street]
Amanda [Taken]
Kelli Presley [Balck Cristmas 2006]
Tiffany [When A Stranger Calls]
Jewel [Live]

Anyway here's और things she has played on

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posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना 
Paramore-CSI said:
the only characters I know are ella simms,ruby and her character from harpers island so I am not that great of help sorry
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