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HaleyDewit posted on Mar 16, 2010 at 12:12PM
Friday The 13th

Phoebe:"Could you do me a favor and never feed me those chicken wings again?" Piper:“Ah, Phoebes! What happened again? My chicken wings were just perfect, thank you! But you know, when you eat 4 pieces instead of one at 1O p.m. you shouldn’t be surprised that the stomach ache is knocking on your door"

"Are you kidding? This is like the worst day ever! We cannot run into black cats, walk under any ladders or break-"

Yeah, of course I believe. We’re witches, remember? We’ve seen creepy horror movie characters come to life, we’ve been turned into freaks every now and than and we’ve become fairytales magical creatures!”

"We won't have any bad luck, Phoebe will"

"Come on, honey, cheer up. It won't be that bad. Besides, what could go wrong?" "Demons!” "Yeah yeah, demons. We have to hunt demons every day, so that's nothing new"

I’m not even pregnant, can’t you see it? Leo isn’t gonna come down for a very long time, so how am I supposed to get pregnant?”

"Cheer up, sweetie; we all go through that once in our life. It's called getting old, get used to it"

I’m gonna need a spell to multiply my power, like Prue did! To make three Pipers. I have to find the demon that took Phoebe and vanquish his sorry ass and save Phoebes. Than I have to find a way to bring Paige and Wyatt back-we can leave Chris the Freak behind, ‘cause we don’t need him-‘because Paige has no idea what to do. You have to leave as always and don’t say a word, Leo. I don’t wanna talk about it. Just go away and don’t leave a sign. Get your damn ass out of my house and don’t make me blow you up”

"You really mean this is all Wyatt’s doing?" ."No, I like picking on my brother" "You’re his brother, he should love you. Somewhere...deep...inside"

“I hope there’s a really good explanation for all of this, ‘because there’s no way I’m cleaning up this mess. Especially not now that I have to focus on getting Paige and Wyatt back”

"NO!I don't want that bitchy, neurotic, mob-face whitelighter in my neighborhood any longer"

"Did you just command me to do something?" "See, there you go again. Bossing around. You know what, get them yourself"

"Off course it's me, dumb ass"

"Seriously? I'm lying here, dying, and you can't even come up with an original farewell speech?"

"Before you say anything, Leo, you're fired from your elder duties"

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KaterinoulaLove said…
Aww firday the 13th! My favourite storytime :-D aww my other half-writer!!!!