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The water of gravity;
The earth of the strong
Force; the आग of electricity;
And the air of the weak belong
Together in the perfect symmetry
Of n-dimensional reality,
Where all indeed become the same,
Within one picture of extended frame;
Before that primordial किस gave birth
To fire, water, air and earth…

So all of wisdom, bold and meek,
To unify all forces they do seek:
Amongst whom, the rarely gifted,
Into otherworldly state have shifted,
Caught glimpses of multidimensional reality
And constructed the fabric of string theory.
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She warms my heart, and does inspire
Bending words as she bends water;
Yet no words carry, nor mean whatever;
In her embrace none else does matter….

She calms my storm and holds me near;
She does not run away in fear,
Despite this tornado in me,
Accepts, encloses me completely,
Until the rage at last subsides;
Within her दिल my soul resides.

From Devil’s grip, she sets me free.
I meet her in my Inner Room; then,
Smiling gently, blushing sweetly,
She embraces me all over again.
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