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Some people wait a lifetime for the one they truly love
But never find an answer to their prayers sent above.
How often can a boy receive his सेकंड chance,
Frozen for a century till time again advance?
Had I not run away
To awaken on another day,
Would our eyes ever meet?
Would our souls ever be complete?

My sweet Aang, it was meant to be:
If not for you, there would be no me….
The world may have लॉस्ट आप for a century
But it seems I’ve waited an eternity!
Had आप not come to stay,
To awaken on this very day,
Would our lips ever meet?
Would my दिल ever be complete?

I don’t want to...
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My sifu,
You're my baby;
Your kungfu
Keeps आप shapely;
When elements get toasty,
You're in the mood to boogie!
If company
Gets shady,
Our moves
Are ever ready
And our grooves are

We stepped and slid on the dance floor,
Your every हटाइए I did so adore;
Your hands drew water from the air;
Soft light filtered through your hair;
The rhythm in your body captured,
You closed your eyes in music, enraptured;
A lovely smile shone through your lips,
As आप moved your feet and swayed your hips;
Passion burned us as we danced--
Action returned for action enhanced;
Every हटाइए आप made a complement
To the steps...
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 Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
If we met not long ago
Why do I want आप so?
If आप are my friend,
Why do आप make me dream no end?
If आप are my teacher,
Why do I see आप as my peach—err …
If आप are my sifu,
Why does my दिल race for you?
If आप are a couple of years older,
Why does my passion smoulder
Inside me—
Drive me krazy?
Why, why, why, Katara?
What kind of Avatar
Am I, I, I, Katara?
If आप are but a waterbender,
Why does my दिल feel so tender,
As if आप bent it with your eyes,
Your touch, your kiss?
When will आप realize
That I feel such painful bliss
For you, the one I miss,
Even if आप stepped away like this
Every second, every hour,
I wish आप would shower
Me with your affection,
‘Cos yours is my undivided attention!
 Drop dead, Aang!
Drop dead, Aang!
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Immersed in her love,
I am weightless as a dove
In an airbender’s wake;
My very soul does shake,
As molecules of life
From the ashes of old strife,
Cradled as in Mother’s womb,
Yet freed from death’s icy tomb;
As I am drawn into Katara’s kiss,
As if drinking shadowless water, bliss-
Ful, after a century of thirst
Unquenched; the first
Drop alone sufficient for my being to burst
Forth to the fullest,
In the fullness of her embrace,
Transcending Time and Space…

So deep within the mantle of Avatar
Springs the life-giving water of Katara.