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ककाशी appeared before the Third Hokage on one knee. ककाशी asked, “You wished to see me Lord Hokage?”

The Third Hokage smoked his pipe for a moment. “Yes,” he said, “I have been alerted द्वारा Root that a spy has entered the village and is living in a small apartment complex. We need to capture him so Root can obtain information from him.”

“I’ll handle it at once Lord Hokage,” ककाशी कहा as he stood up to leave. However Danzo appeared and blocked Kakashi’s path.

“Root feels that an agent from our particular branch of the Anbu should go with you,” Danzo said. Danzo stepped...
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1. I was लॉस्ट on the road of life.
2. I had a meeting with fate.
3. My fortune cookie told me to be late.
4. The bird of paradise flew up my nose.
5. A little birdie told me to be late.

Please read the warnings of these excuses and the most dangerous, most truthful, and best excuse.

Warning to excuse number 1. People might yell at your face. This could cause headaches, nausea, and दिल attacks.

Warning to excuse number 2. Little kids may take आप seriously and think आप will die. Crying from little kids could cause nervous break downs, headaches, and may lead to smoking या drinking.

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 Happy BirthDay ककाशी द्वारा Team 7
Happy BirthDay Kakashi By Team 7
Happy BirthDay ककाशी hatake आप are best in the world i प्यार you
happy birthday ककाशी hatake आप are my fav character of all time
happy birthday ककाशी hatake आप are pride of mnagekyou

for all ककाशी lovers

Some Happy birthday Photos
*****thank you****
 Sharingan ककाशी
Sharingan Kakashi
posted by Itachi_Boy
All Amazing and super text arts!

Happy new year!

Merry?* ? • ° ° ? ° ? •
•??Christmas? ?* ?
° ? ° ?°? * _?_____*?*°
° ? •?•° */______/~?° ° ?
° ? •?• ° | ?? |?| °And a happy new year:')
Hearts and love
Calculated heart

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ककाशी and Yugao leapt from roof चोटी, शीर्ष to roof चोटी, शीर्ष silently through the night. ककाशी looked over at Yugao and asked, “So what is our mission?”

Yugao was annoyed द्वारा that question. “You would know if आप weren’t late,” she said, “What kept आप anyway?”

“A ghost of a cat came to me and told me to feed its litter of बिल्ली के बच्चे with fresh milk,” ककाशी explained.

“You so made that up,” Yugao said, “Anyway the mission is to eliminate a dangerous weapons dealer. He is going to be selling weapons to the Land of Lightning. He is believed to be guarded द्वारा two rogue sand shinobi.”...
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posted by TsukiAkarui4
I, as everyone else does, want to see Kakashi's true face. I understand that everyone wonders. The problem is, ककाशी has some shame. He looks like his father who brought down the Hatake name. He's embarressed द्वारा something. If we truly प्यार ककाशी we won't be so harsh on him and his mask. Although, I really do want to see his face!!! :) <3
Recently, I have embarked on the journey of temptation. Yes, I wrote to the maker of नारूटो requesting he consider making ककाशी take his mask off for The Team 7 crew. I कहा it kindly and calmly and am still anxiously awaiting his reply. I think I did a good job on the email. I plan to use my abilities wisely in the future and hope आप don't look down on my for loving an ऐनीमे character as strongly as I do.
in the vast world of मांगा and ऐनीमे ,you will come across with many characters which will insipre u या make u fond of them .....and sometimes maybe not
but my fav among all the characters out there is ककाशी HATAKE!!!
just with his looks he looks super cool and mysterious and make the प्रशंसकों excited XD
he is also showed as a helpful and talented person in the series.he cares a lot about his frens and makes a great teammate too!
i'm a big प्रशंसक !!and i just प्यार him and his work^^so support him alot with loads of प्यार ~~


go go fighting dreams !!!!kakashi fighting!!
ककाशी Hatake :

Name :
When deciding upon Kakashi's name, Kishimoto considered a number of possibilities: Kuwa (クワ, "hoe"), Kama (カマ, "scythe"), Botan (ボタン, "peony"), Enoki (エノキ, a बिच्छू बूटी, बिछुआ tree), and ककाशी (カカシ, "scarecrow"). He eventually decided upon Kakashi, and remains glad that he did to this day.[14] In keeping with the meaning of his name, scarecrows are occasionally used to represent Kakashi; Naruto, for example, uses a scarecrow that is dressed like ककाशी to help him train for a combat test between the two.[15] Likewise, scarecrows are at times added to...
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