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As everybody knows, JYJ could not have any contact with the rest of TVXQ members after the event. But recently, the two members are दिखा रहा है themselves on TV with a name of TVXQ. I believe that TVXQ is a name that can only be used if JaeJoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin are together. Also, what yunho कहा on the album विवरण was very disappointing. Basically, he mentioned Changmin and himself as the सेकंड Era of TVXQ, which means that we, at least I was the प्रशंसक of First era of TVXQ. In an interview, Yun Ho कहा that he would have been happy if any of JYJ member tried to contact...
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Standing in front of the camera after 1 year. Without a reason, the area around the pit of his stomach feels strange. Though he has been up on multiple stages and have acted in various films, standing in front of the camera still makes him tremble. Park Yuchun (28), will be a making a comeback through SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama <The Girl Who Sees Smells>. Much earlier on, he has confirmed his appearance as the lead male role while waiting for the decision of the beautiful leading lady. As he is expected to be enlisted for military service this year, this drama द्वारा the looks of...
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