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It seems like Justin Bieber's fame and success happened overnight,but the truth is Justin has been working toward stardom for years. His mom,Pattie, says Justin has been into संगीत since he was 5 years old!" He'd hear something on the radio and go to the keyboard to figure it out," she smiles.
After winning सेकंड place in a local talent competition when he was 12, Justin put his performance on YouTube to share with फ्रेंड्स and familly that couldn't attend the talent show.Soon, Justin's वीडियो were getting tons of attention and caught the eye of his current संगीत manager, Scooter, with hot singles like "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl", Justin is music's hottest new artist, which is sometimes hard for him to believe! "I'm from a small town and never dreamed posting वीडियो on YouTube could change my life," he said. "Thank आप so much to my fans. आप guys did this for me and i am eternally garteful." he said.
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