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posted by HOND_Tangled
Frollo stared outside while holding the little child in his arms.
He was लॉस्ट in thought,when suddenly he felt something pull the scarf
of his hat.Startled,he looked down and saw Quasimodo with a cute little smile,playing with the scarf.

'No,Quasimodo,stop that,i do not have time to play!' Frollo said,while pulling the scarf,but the child didn't let go and began to laugh.

Frollo stared at the child,he never knew demons could be so tender and cute. Frollo touched the little hand,it was soft and warm,and he smiled.
Would he ever प्यार Quasimodo? This demon,that he wanted to kill?
He looked outside again. Love...would it be a sin if he saw Quasimodo as his son? Would God punish him?

Frollo looked down at the child again,and saw that he fell asleep,still
with the scarf in his little hands.Frollo sighed and shook his head,
it was unknown what the future would bring,it would be fate that determined...
In 1938, Tony Jay's parents treated him to a matinee of Walt Disney's first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, on London's West End. Like any other 5-year-old confronted द्वारा the cackling wicked witch, he had nightmares for years afterward.

Almost six decades later, the veteran English actor has recovered sufficiently to play a डिज़्नी villain with enough suave menace to send that witch packing on her broomstick. द्वारा giving voice to Frollo, the tormented magistrate of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, नीलकंठ, जय, जे does और than add a portrait to the rogues' gallery that stretches from Snow White's...
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posted by HOND_Tangled
"Brother Claude, Brother Claude!" The squeaky voice and thundering footsteps made Claude wince. He tried to remember his place in the religious text he'd been poring over, but before he could find it, the door to his tower room had burst open. "Brother Claude, guess what's happening!" The eleven-year-old boy's rosy face was even और flushed than usual; his sapphire eyes alight with excitement below his golden curls.
"Jehan," replied Claude irritably, snapping the tome shut. "Why do आप think I seclude myself in this cell?" His brother's jubilant expression didn't change; he only bounced faster...
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