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posted by ravenswolf
hello all

I have something that आप may find rather interresting. I had met this lady online a few years back and we got to talking about the beatles and found out she has been a huge प्रशंसक for many years. Through our conversations I discovered that her and Yoko have been फ्रेंड्स for something like twenty seven years and they have been conversing back and forth for years. So I asked her if Yoko would mind me talking with her as well. She कहा she would ask her. Turns out that since I know her friend it would be ok. As I discovered she doesn't trust alot of people. Anyway we were having quite the...
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posted by thrillergirl18
Fight for world peace to be like John Lennon. Throughout his life, he was a proponent of peace and was against war and violence. His song "Imagine" is about world peace.

Stand for equal rights for all people to be like John Lennon. In his life, Lennon always stood up for minorities and people groups who may not have had equal rights, such as the gay and lesbian demographic.

Be a trend-setter and pioneer in your field to be like Lennon. He was without a doubt one of the great pioneers of entertainment, music, film and art. He set the trends and did not follow them.

Overcome difficulties and...
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Move या rock your knees up and down while nodding your head to accomplish the typical stage movements of John Lennon. The head bobbing will help आप जाम and mimic the movements of the guitar-playing.

Use the pick to play the notes up and down. Songs such as "Can't Buy Me Love," "I've Just Seen A Face" and "Help!" have mad, intense strumming sequences that require quick, तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट movements. The तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट movements need to feel almost angry and frustrated.

Place your thumb on the first string या "low E." Guitarists usually use their index finger to hold this string, but holding the "low E" with your...
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Tommy James, तारा, स्टार of Tommy James and the Shondells, releases a new revamped version of his class 70’s classic song, “Draggin’ The Line (2020 Version)” in a new remake. On the track, James enlists the talents of Emmy Award-winning rapper T.O.N.E-z and the iconic गिटार legend Steven वैन, वान Zandt from Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band.

Listen on Spotify at: Draggin’ the Line -2020 version ( at: )

Why remake his classic hit song? Tommy says, “I'd been thinking about a remake of "Draggin' The Line" for a long time and felt that a सड़क, स्ट्रीट version might be perfect.”...
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On Wednesday 8th December on 89.7fm at 9.00am Perth in West Australia time Sue Myc will be talking with John about this "must see" event
check the time in your region and go to find your way to Live Broadcast and sit back and enjoy
Waters returns with acclaimed दिखाना “Looking Through a Glass Onion” Australia, 19 November 2010: John Waters returns in his critically acclaimed production Looking Through A Glass प्याज – a homage to the music, mystery and memory of John Lennon. Wednesday 8th December 2010 marks the 30th anniversary since John Lennon was tragically...
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posted by weaslyismyking
This is a news article. I received it as an email, so I can't post the link, so I'm copying the लेख here.


On October 5th, the 'Gimme Some Truth' catalogue campaign will launch, timed to coincide with what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday on October 9th.    

Overseen द्वारा Yoko Ono, the project features:

- Eight albums remastered from John's original mixes

- 'Double कल्पना Stripped Down' 1980 GRAMMY Award winner for Album of the साल presented with a newly remixed 'Stripped Down' version produced द्वारा the album's...
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posted by thrillergirl18
On the 8th draw peace symbol saying Give Peace A Chance. Listen to John Lennon read पुस्तकें about The Beatles या about John Lennon. It's been 31 years since Lennon's death do a few मिनटों of silence at school, at home, at anywhere आप are. Give Peace A Chance and spread Peace and Love♥

There are so many ways that आप could do to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.
1. Don't eat meat
2. Giving people the peace sighn
3. Forgive others
3. Donate things to homeless shelters and other places
4. Listen to 1960's music
5. Tie Dye shirts

That's somethings that I do आप could do anything that आप want to do for peace.
posted by thrillergirl18
It's John Lennon's birthday what are आप going to do for him?

John Lennon always wanted peace and love.

John Lennon was born on Oct,9 1940 when Hitler was throwing bombs. But that didn't stop Julia from having her baby boy.

Julia and Alfred (John's father) had gotten into a fight and had splitting up John had to choose between his mother and his father.

He picked his father twice but rad to Julia, Julia was crying so he ran to her to be with her. But Mimi had picked him up and carried him away from Julia.

Make this दिन a happy दिन listen to his संगीत watch movie's that is about him. Watch Nowhere Boy दिखाना peace and love!