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Why is life so hard?all it does is cause आप pain.You might be wondering why I'm saying this.I'll tell आप why.My parents died and to चोटी, शीर्ष that I'm an only child which means I have no one to look up to when sad.So,here I am in front of my mom's friend's house.
आप might be wondering what my name is so, I'll tell you.My name is Demi.I knocked on the door to my mom's friend's house.The door opened and a very handsome man walked out."You must be Demetria Lovato.I'm Mr.Jonas.""Yes I'm Demetria ,but please call me Demi या Dems,"I said. "Well,Demi come inside and meet my wife and children,"He replyed.We...
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He one कहा we'd be together forever and always,but I guess that was just another lie.You wanna know what happened?Okay,I'll tell आप what happened.
I was on my way घर from work on a Saturday night.I went into my house and heard moaning.I went upstairs to my bedroom to find my boyfriend ,Joe,and my bestfriend having sex.So,here I am at my bestfriend and ex-boyfriend's wedding.
My thoughts were interuppted when the priest कहा "Do आप Selena Marie Gomez take Joseph Adam Jonas to be your husband.""I do," Selena said."DO आप Joseph Adam Jonas take Selena Marie Jonas?" "No.' Joe replyed."Sorry Selena ,but I प्यार Demi," He said. Joe ran over to me and kissed me passionaly.Since that दिन Joe and I have been happily married.
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heres the interview guys for those who are still confused! :) OMFG imm soo damm happy 4 jemii! :D
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