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posted by brurob
"I don't think I've ever seen such instant, natural chemistry between two costars." Gary Marsh

"They make each other laugh." Selena Gomez

"Something might happen between them in the future." Selena Gomez

"When Joe and Demi are together, they're awesome." Selena Gomez

"They प्यार being around each other. आप can tell when they're together there's chemistry there." Selena Gomez

"Demi's voice is amazing." Joe Jonas

"Joe likes to give hugs to certain people. He likes to pick them up and twirl them around and play with their hair." Alyson Stoner

"Demi's a great and Joe's a great guy. I think it makes sense."...
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posted by jorgelover_278
 प्यार sucks...even harder
love sucks...even harder
आप rush past me
long brown curls flying
face down
body boed
i frown
i get up and follow see आप sprawled on the सोफ़ा, सोफे in your dressing room
as i scoop आप up in my arms
your face
pressing into my chest
as आप cuddle closer to me
like a child
my voice questioning softly
"what's wrong?"
your voice replying
as it cracks
as tears fall from your eyes
perfect spheres
splashing down
from dark चॉकलेट brown irisis
"he cheated on me"
my arms tighten around your fragile form
as आप whimper out another confession
gleaming white teeth softly nibbling onto yor गुलाबी स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी glossed lips
"i...i think i loved him"
can आप hear...
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posted by jonash12341
It was unusually beautiful; nothing could compare.
I felt like in a trance as I stared into her beautiful dark brown eyes which soon after turned into liquid blue. A stinging pain hit me out of no where and I fell to the ground. The pain was unbearable so I screamed. I felt her kneel down अगला to me , then run her hand through my hair.
It will be all right, she whispered in my ears, everything will be all right
I could feel my दिल racing, the blood in my vain slowing down and my head spinning like crazy. I didnt know if it was my imagination या what, but long red robes appeared out of no where...
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