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 चमेली V चित्र shoot for S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D)
Jasmine V photo shoot for S(HE) BE(LIE)VE(D)
चमेली V haz just made a amazing album last साल called S(he) Be(lie)ve(d). Some of the most amazing songs she has wrotten such as Just a Friend, Werk, The break up song, This isn't love, Masquerade, So silly and Angel. One of the songs she has ever made that is known mostly is Serious, Jealous, I own this, To the yard, All of theses boys and Natural.

Thiz साल and the ending of last साल she has received many commemts about Justin Bieber in her संगीत video Just a friend saying how the song waz dedicated to him. How may these प्रशंसकों know आप may ask.? Well just like in her album she believed...
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