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 James Bond's Camaro
James Bond's Camaro
Bond got to Q's lab where he saw the Jaguar F type being fitted with gadgets.

"What do आप have planned now?" Bond asked Q.

"While your new Jaguar is being fitted with gadgets, I have chosen another car for your assignment." Q responded.

"And that is?" Bond asked.

Q pulled a tarp off of another car revealing a brand new Camaro. "What do आप think?"

"You couldn't have gotten me an Aston Martin?" Bond asked a little disappointed.

"I'd be और then welcome to get आप a Citroen." कहा Q.

This made Bond cross. He remembered having to drive a Citroen 2CV one time, and that was not a good time. "Proceed."...
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Daniel Craig as the British Secret Service agent 007 has gotten himself into a lot of intense situations over the years. Check out Daniel Craig's 45 most dangerous moments as James Bond, and let us know if we missed any in the टिप्पणियाँ below.
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Anyone remember this game?
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