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It was saturday. Edward was all mine. No one to get in between us. प्यार is great, I thought, glad he couldnt read my mind.

" Bella," he said. "Would आप come over here for a minuete please?" he asked in that sweet voice I loved so much. As I started walking, I saw him digging in his pocket. Oh no.

He neeled to one nee. I didnt like where he was going with this. "Isabella Swan," he began. "Would आप do me the honor, of marrying me?" I froze but managed to blurt out the words, "Yes. I प्यार you."

Edward was suddenly on his feet. I stretched up for a किस untill he stopped too soon, as usual. It was perfect.........
I’m Jacob Black. आप bought my dad’s truck.
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.119

I don’t think a tank could take out that old monster.
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.120

You wouldn’t happen to know where I could get my hands on a master cylinder for a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit?
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.120

Do आप like scary stories?
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.123

Another legend claims that we descended from भेड़िया — and that the भेड़िया are our brothers still.
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.124

There are stories of the cold ones as old as the भेड़िया legends, and some...
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posted by vickyXoXo
हे fanpoppers, i have decided to write in Jacobs point of view how he might have felt and what he could have been thinking during the third book, this is only a short पूर्व दर्शन to see what आप guys think and if should continue with this

I had four missed calls from Bella and countless voice messages on my phone, I hated ignoring her but she chose that filthy bloodsucker and I can’t stand being around him.
“Why can’t आप too just get along?” some of the last words Bella कहा to me triggered my memory; of course it’s easy for Bella to think that we can all be best फ्रेंड्स and have a happy...
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in the night i feel sick i feel so exhausted i think i got flu या something i take ashow i get to my coach sleepy i hope i would be better in the morning i want to see jacob i really like him
i wake up on the ring the phone was ringing oh damn " हे ' i answer but my voice was लॉस्ट " हे casy " dad कहा " are आप ok " he ask i didn't use to be taking care of " i am fine just sleepy
" i कहा try to make my voice louder unsuccessfully,
" is there any thing that i can do " i ask " no don't do anything आप look tired just tell bella that the blacks will have रात का खाना with us tonight there is agame...
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posted by demon_wolf
1. I could imagine the frustration pulling his black eyebrows together and crumpling his forehead. If I’d been there, I might have laughed. Don’t give yourself a brain hemorrhage, Jacob, I would have told him. Just spit it out. (Bella)

2. The word boyfriend had me chewing on the inside of my cheek with a familiar tension while I stirred. It wasn’t the right word, not at all. I needed something और expressive of eternal commitment… But words like destiny and fate sounded hokey when आप used them in casual conversation. (Bella)

3. There’s no law that says I can’t cook in my own house....
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First of all this is an opinion. If आप think i'm making your दिन bad because of this article, don't read it. It's just a matter of opinion.

Recently, I पोस्टेड a सवाल here in the Jacob Black फैन्पॉप site. It was entitled 'Give me 5 reasons why Jacob is better than Edward.' I पोस्टेड the सवाल because I knew that this spot was visited द्वारा Jake's fans. I received a lot of good जवाब but there was one leech who ruined everyone's answers.

I won't name the leech who gave nasty comments. All i can say is she really HATES Jacob because she thinks Edward is hot.

Now, to Jacob's defense...I'll give...
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 the she-wolf
the she-wolf
I can still see the smile on that girls face when we first met. I can still remember the promise we made in fifth grade. "i promise that i'll never hurt if you'll never tell." she laughed so hard that she had to sit done."WHAT ARE आप LAUGHING FOR! THIS IS SERIOUS! If anyone finds out i'll have to leave you!" looking me in the eye, she stoped and everything was dead quite."why would i tell ANYONE that my best friend is a werewolf! who would even bealeve me?" i was so releved that she wouldn't tell that the onlt thing I could do was smile at her. then i broke down in tears.between...
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Okay here is chapter 6, again apologies for any spelling errors. Things heat up a bit with Blair and Jacob as she finds out about the वेयरवोल्फ and vampires, but they dont किस yet, i guess we have to wait until chapter 7 ;) hehe thanks for the support guys! टिप्पणी दे and rate :)

Mum let me take the week off because of my ankle the doctor कहा it was sprained and I shouldn’t be walking on it. That doctor sure didn’t look anything like a doctor, और like a movie star, his name was Doctor Cullen, या something like that. I haven’t seen Jacob since Tuesday, and today is Thursday, Billy said...
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why did she have to marry that bloodsucker that leech?! edward cullen doesnt deserve someone like bella swan! i DO!i wonder what would our lives have been if she had chosen me. we would live very happy hhhmmm.charlie wouldve been happy,we are practically family, i just dont know what she sees in that bloodsucker. every night i howl at the moon moaning over how much i प्यार bella.if she had chosen me i wouldnt need her to transform so she could stay with me.i would age with her.we wouldnt need a new beginning. but on the opposite ofthe black side the bright side is i have renesmee. shes so gorgeous,shes everything id ever want.i only want bella to be happy, i really do, so i guess she stays with the bloodsuaker and me with renesmee.

I understood what this spot is about.
I agree...people got very obsessed with the movie characters and totally forgot the characters-of-the-book-not-movie.

though I am one of those totally jacob/taylor fangirl i now sometimes how annoying it can be to forget the JACOB BLACK and talk about TAYLOR BLACK.

There are mainly 3 categories
1.are the प्रशंसकों who like the movie but have no idea and havent read the book.
2.are the प्रशंसकों who read the book and felt that the movie ruined the characters for them.
3.are the प्रशंसकों who like the book+movie.

Sorry for the wait, this chapter is longer than the others, this chapter is और foccused on Stefan's and Blair relationship, hope आप like it :)

I was awoken द्वारा my whole room filling up with the smell of टोस्ट and eggs. I looked around and Jacob wasn’t अगला to me, I was guessing he went home. I walked over to my balcony doors and opened the curtains to see the weather, dark grey clouds over powering the sky. My mum knocked on my bedroom door, I thought she was at work, I opened my door, but It was unlocked; द्वारा my surprise Jacob was standing there with a plate of food, he was smiling at...
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Chapter 3
I was in math class and couldn't wait until school was over. Most of my classes went द्वारा fast because I was thinking about Jacob.
He was everything I wanted and he looked at me like everyone else disappeared. Thats when I took out my New Moon book. In the book Jacob say's that when werewolf's imprint it's like you've never seen the sun until then. But it's just a story.
Part Hannah:
We were out hunting. Me,Anthony,Malik,and Mika. It had been 15 years since me and Malik joined Anthony and Mika. But only 4 since Laurent was killed. Laurent was Anthony's and Mika's uncle,...
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posted by xXjakeloverXx
Sorry, its kinda long, but stick with it and let me know if there should be a Chapter two!!

I stared out the window, my mood matching the gloomy weather outside. I took in the lush green landscape of Forks, Washington, as it flew past my window. My dad was a professor who was fascinated with old Indian legends. We were on our way to La Push, a reservation occupied with Quileute Indians. Apparently, the Quileute’s were descendents of shape shifters, people who could change shapes and become wolves. Yeah right. I wasn’t convinced at all, but my dad was completely sold on the idea. This wasn’t...
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when the red house came in to the view i saw bella cloths damn it i look like a clownw why आप didn't tell me dad oh what am i gonna do know i wear my black कोट just in case ,
no one here yet but i feel like the hot blood run to my cheeks dad get out of the car , but i can't bella i will kill आप ,
jacob hugs bella & say हे to charlie then he came in my direction he linger on my window " thank आप for coming i thought आप will never talk to me again " he कहा i answer him with a smile " why don't आप get out of the car " he कहा start to open my door " i cant' " i कहा " what .. why...
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posted by jacobs_bella
(chapter 1)
As i sat on the समुद्र तट in front of my house, listining to the wave's brush up on the sand and smelling the light saltly breeze that follows it. I let my mind wander from सवाल to question. What did he mean when we can't be near each other and why can't i see him anymore? it hurt so bad that i went blank. until i felt the cold rainy wind brush against my face. I finally stood up letting the sand squish between my toes. I sighed as i bent down to pick my shoes that were now covered in sand. I started up to my house.knowing that my mom went to go see my dad in some place that i don't...
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in the morning i wake up dad was in the रसोई, रसोईघर so i get up stairs i feel much much better i brush my teeth i take a शावर, शॉवर i think about jacob i want to know him और i will go to him know i bella told me about his भेड़िया pack running around to keep the town सुरक्षित i hope he is at घर now
i get dress jeans & wight ब्लाउज i get down stair i was so hungry i saw jacob set on the chair his eyes look up at me " आप came " i कहा " i came " he कहा open his arms for me a nearly irresistible invitation i run to his big arms ignoring my dad he make himself busy too ,,,,
jacob laugh "i want to go to...
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posted by floydieface
Continued from chapter "one और nail, one और coffin":

“Nessie don’t. Don’t आप dare regret that kiss! I don’t. I never will.”
“But my dad took me away from you”
“I don’t care about that. Your किस was the best experience of my life! “
“Ness…I’m in प्यार with आप too. I always have been since the दिन आप were born. I been waiting for आप my whole life. “
“How what? How could I be in प्यार with आप from birth?”
“Well that’s kind of a long story actually.”
“I want to know.”
This was the one thing I figured I would never need...
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i wake up in alice cute voice " wake up girls oh god will आप sleep all दिन आप need to get ready " alice कहा " हे how did आप get in " i ask she was siting on the chair अगला to me " charlie " she कहा " ready for your party ?" i ask her " alice the party is tomorrow " i कहा " ofcourse it is ,your sister party but she is not ready yet she don't have anything to wear " she कहा i chuckle , i take my chance now i will ask alice " so don't आप get bored of bella & jacob situation" i ask " it make edward feel good rose too " she कहा " really " i ask " i just want to make them फ्रेंड्स again...
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posted by edward-lover456
 renessme cullen
renessme cullen
हे guys thanks so much for taking the time to read this pls tell if आप like it!
i met आप yesterday down at lapush beach
but now i see आप belong to the blood suking leach
when he left i saw आप die inside
now that i see you'r not trying to hide anymore he comes back
what is it that i lack
i see आप are engaged
so i had to see if आप had feelings left for me i gave आप a किस
and it must have hurt him but now i see आप go back to him
and all of them
now i see आप get marred and have you'r baby now that i see her
she makes me feel the way आप did i can be happy like i used to be with my renessme
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jacob black
posted by mmmtasty
लोल i wrote this in about fifteeen मिनटों and then I couldn't stop. I loved the way the story was flowing so I kept writting. I now have 4 chapters this being the first, though i think i could tweak it a bit to make it better. Let me know please!


[Chapter 1]

On the southern coast of the state of Texas there is a small town that is call the “beacon” of our wonderful state. This towns name is Port Isabel, and this town, indecently is where I grew up. My name is Lily Embers, and I used to hate this town I reside in. Oh how I resented living in this corner of the United States. It was...
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