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posted by jackdawson-love
The door to the house opened.  Jack walked into the house, tiptoed  up to Rose and grabbed her द्वारा the waist, and kissed her check. "How was your day?" he asked.
     " Fine." Rose replied, fiddling with her engagement ring. 
     "Just fine? Did anything important happen?"
     "Our wedding is in seven months, right?"
     "Right, exactly one साल to the दिन we met, we planned it like that, so what does that have to do with anything?"
     "Jack, I'm two months pregnant." Rose said, sounding a little worried.
     "Rose! This is amazing! We're going to be parents! " Jack said...
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posted by jackdawson-love
           "Daddy! Daddy!" Rosa कहा as she ran up to Jack as he walked in through the door. 
          "Hi sweetie!" Jack कहा picking Rosa up. "What did आप and mommy do today?"
          "We talked about रंग for the शिशु room and we felt the baby kick!" 
          "Really? That's great! What रंग did आप choose?" Jack asked, walking into the living room with Rosa still in his arms.
           "Me and mommy कहा that purple's a nice color, but my room's purple, so then we कहा that नारंगी, ऑरेंज and a pale गुलाबी look nice, so we are thinking about those colors,...
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(CBS) Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are on चोटी, शीर्ष of the world - the "Titanic" costars were voted the most romantic onscreen couple of all time.

The pair beat out duos from classics like "Gone with the Wind" and Casablanca."

ABC News and People magazine put the सवाल to a लोकप्रिय vote, and the 1997 film's star-crossed lovers, Jack and Rose, came in first place.

In the film, Jack, a poor artist, meets Rose, a society woman engaged to be married, aboard the doomed ship. A whirlwind affair - complete with nude sketches, a steamy प्यार scene and that Celine Dion song - ensues. When the Titanic...
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posted by jackdawson-love
आप two girls soon ready?" Jack asked, standing in the porch, wearing his tuxedo.
      "We would have been ready sooner but Rosa wouldn't let me put her dress on." Rose कहा as she walked out of the hallway with Rosa in her arms.  Even though Rosa was only one साल old, she looked liked her mother; blue eyes, red hair and paler skin.
       "Aren't आप supposed to be dressed as well?" 
       "I'm getting dressed at the church, आप know it's bad luck to see me in my dress before the wedding. Here, आप take Rosa while I go get my dress." Rose कहा handing Rosa over to Jack.
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                                 If Jack had Lived; Cal's Revenge 

      "Jack, this one looks nice." Rose said, pointing to a new comforter. 
       "Yea, it does. So is this the one आप want?" Jack asked.
        "Yes. I think that one will do." Rose said, picking it up and walking over to the check-out. "Come on Rosa and April."
    If only they knew that right across from them in the store, Cal was watching their every move. Cal knew that Jack and Rose were alive, but he didn't know where they were until a couple of weeks पूर्व when he was driving द्वारा their house...
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      "Jack, Jack, there's a नाव Jack." Rose कहा to Jack.
      Jack opened his eyes, almost froze to death. "We need to.... Get their attention....". Rose got off the door. "Rose! Where are आप going?"
         "There's a whistle... Over there.... That's the only way.... We'll be...Saved.
Rose swam over to the फ्रोज़न officer and grabbed the whistle out of his mouth and blew. "Come about!" yelled the officer. Shining the light in Rose's face. They helped Rose out of the water, then, went to Jack, and helped him into the boat. In the boat, Jack and Rose where covered in blankets,...
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My दिल will go on - Celine Dion
Everytime we touch (slow version) - Cascada
L'amour tojours - Sagi Rei
Heaven (slow version) - Dj Sammy & Yanou
Feels like घर - Chantal Kreviazuk
Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton
I see आप - Leona Lewis
Here without आप - 3 Doors Down
Everytime - Britney Spears
I don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith
Wherever आप will go - The Calling
When you're gone - Avril Lavigne
Yesterday - The Beatles
Your guardian एंजल - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Keep holding on - Avril Lavigne
Who wants to live forever - The Queen
I will always प्यार आप - Whitney Houston
This I promise आप - NSYNC
How did I fall in प्यार with आप - Backstreet Boys
Because आप live - Jesse McCartney
Because आप loved me - Celine Dion
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Let it be - The Beatles
       Jack was lying down in his hospital bed, the same place he had been for the past five days. The surgery on his knee went fine and he was going to get out soon. He was then awoken द्वारा a worker "Excuse me. Where are my wife and kids?" he asked, a little groggy due to all of the sleep. 
            "I'm sorry. No one came here with you." She कहा as she was clearing his खाना tray.
   Then, Jack remembered what had happened, it was about five nights ago, he was at the back of the hotel, with Rose and they were going to get Rosa and April from Cal. But Cal told them that Rose had...
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posted by jackdawson-love
Rose." Jack said, walking out from April's room, shutting the door behind him.
       "They're asleep already?!" Rose joked.
       "Yes. Out like a light." Jack कहा sitting down on the सोफ़ा, सोफे अगला to Rose. "I've been thinking."
        "And?" Rose interrupted.
        "Well. Remember on टाइटैनिक when आप कहा आप wanted to go to that Pier down in Santa Monica? Well, do आप still want to go?"
         "Jack! आप remembered that?!" Rose yelled hugging into him. 
          "Rose, I remember every word आप say." Jack कहा चुंबन her forehead. "Well? Do आप want to? I could...
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posted by jackdawson-love
Rose was asleep on Jack's chest, while Jack was gently stroking her hair. He then noticed lights in the distance.
       "Rose, Rose, look." he whispered in her ear. "What?"  Rose asked, a little groggy.  "Look Rose, there are the lights, we're in New York!" Jack कहा with excitement in his voice. "We are? We are!" Rose said, waking up. 
     "Come on, let's go get a closer look." Jack कहा , taking Rose to the side of the ship. 
   "Jack, look at it, it's so beautiful." Rose कहा hugging Jack's side. "Rose, that कोट is soaked! आप should take it off." Jack took off the coat, when...
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posted by lauren777222
ontop of it,
first class women in lace.

Stewards at every turn,
their job,
to tend to your hearts every yearn.

Most advanced the ship maybe,
An Atlantic berg is on a killing


Into the gut of my ship,
the berg goes,

Hour after a hour,
lower my ship goes.

Into the freezing Atlantic,
people pounce,
The black abyss of water their only

The paralyzing water robes every
of a young lads strength.

Whales of distress rise from the sea,
Hundreds of them,
Fitting together in perfect harmony.

The waters may freeze
any man या woman
in a breeze.

Stranded people find any support
Any kind...
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