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 INvader Alia contest pic
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Source: art(c)Me, INvader Alia(c)diblover111
this is my pic for Diblover111's contest hope आप like it ^^
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jhonen vasquez
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take the time to read this.

so, my name is Ruth AKA Ruby. as आप can see, I deleted my account (silvaria_fan23) for about 2 yrs ago, I have no idea but it's been a long time I have. anyways, at the time there was fights and dramas in this club but there was fun and good moments too, I had family here but now we have moved on with our lives to highschool and shit. & ofcourse, I would do stupid shit but what did I expect? I was small, lol. I was about 12 when I started fanpop, and I remeber I would pair up my very first OC with DIB या ZIM, pretty stupid huh? then I deleted my account when...
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I don't know why but konata reminds me of Misty with her smart mouth and Maricruz reminds me of Kagami cause her anger xD anyone agree? टिप्पणी दे
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 I will color this soon. This is what he looks like.
I will color this soon. This is what he looks like.
Name: Invader Glich
Age: 10/100
Skill: Hacking into computers, getting inside of computers (literally), putting viruses inside of computers, and annoying people to death.
Story: He was born on planet Irk (Naw, really.)
When he was 4 months old, he saw a computer chip. The first thing he ever played with was that computer chip. He bit into it and he was electricuted. He would of died if Zim didn't see him and rush him to the irken hospital. The सेकंड he was healed, baby Glich had tons of knowledge. His first words were 'Virus Alert!'. When ever he saw letters, he would say what words he saw. On...
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