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antennas:blue clouds
Suit: blue and white stripes
Sir unit: Misty
eyes turn from white to red when in range
then turn back to normal when calm

Nice side: kind and lovable
Bad side:evil and destructive

is extremely fast , intelligent , and well trained

Foods: waffles, and a irken sammich
Talent: flexibility
is easily दिल broken
cares 4 all wierd creatures except dib

In प्यार with: zim

Hates: Dib
Fav animal: bird
फ्रेंड्स Zim , Gaz , गिर , Mrs कड़वा, कड़वाहट

p.s. mrs कड़वा, कड़वाहट is creepy
Dream: being honored 4 a true invader
The end
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Yu must face your trial agaisnt the MEATS OF EVIL!
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One bright and cheery afternoon in Doomtown, Indiana, two doors down from Zim's base, Dib was trying to create a test bot to expose Zim for his misdeeds, and Gaz was downstairs, watching "Blood and Gore ऐनीमे Hour." As soon as the दिखाना snapped to commercial, a सवाल popped in her head, and that सवाल was: "Where's my real mother?" She stood up, scratched her head, and walked upstairs to her brother's bedroom.

"Hey, Dib..." she said, peeking her head through the door.
Without looking away from his wrench and scrap metal, Dib moaned, "Come on in."

"I've been miserable, और than usual, and...
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I'ma just put this up here :3
invader con
the trial
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